Blackmailed secretary (2001), p.1 – Roberta’s entrapment

Roberta woke in a sweat. As soon as she was conscious, her thought ran
to his boss. She began feeling nervous again as he had finally asked
to talk to her in
his office that day. Her night had been troubled and she had tossed
and turned as she
thought back to that terrible moment when, a few days ago, Mr.
Depoulos stepped into the
agency with a roll of documents and tossed them on her desk. Roberta
had gone blank as she
easily recognised the documents. “I don’t care why you manipulated
those documents, Roberta,
all I know is that this is illegal, against the company’s interest,
and that I will have
to take action against you for that”. Mr. Depoulos watching her, his
little black
eyes sharp as knives. Roberta blushing hard and unable to speak. “We
will discuss your
situation later”. Roberta did not cheat on the insurance company for
her own interest. She was
moved to compassion and had helped a customer. She knew Depoulos too
well to even think
about discussing her reasons with him. She had rushed home and
searched through her books
to figure out what could happen to her at worst. The result was that
the worst was simply
unbearable. Apart from losing her job, she could be prosecuted by law,
and get a penalty
that would take years to be paid, and ruin her life. After that
mistake, also, it
would have been very hard for her to find another job, at least in the
insurance business,
which was all she was experienced in. And, something that made her
heart ache, her marriage
with her beloved Rod would probably vanish.

Rod. She didn’t have the guts to tell him. If Depoulos forgave her,
Rod would just never
know about all this nightmare. If she was forgiven… She just had to
be. As she opened her
suitcase, she unconsciously chose clothes that would make her look
prettiest. She went for
a black bra and matching thong, and a grey business suite comprising a
short, quite tight
skirt, and a jacket that would show a bit of her ample cleavage. Then
she opened her
pantyhose drawer, hesitated, and closed it. She opened a lower drawer
and fetched a pair of
silk black hold-ups. She would wore high heels, and fine makeup. She
hurried to the bath to
prepare herself. Her heart was pounding. She briefly felt guilty about
trying to look sexy.
Yet that was not meant as an invitation of sorts, she thought that
it’s simply a fact that
good looks can put your interlocutor in a better disposition. She
slipped into her thong
and began feeling nervous again. She combed her long curly hair and
embellished her green
eyes with mascara.


Roberta stepped into Depoulos office. He was a Greek, small and a bit
overweight, almost
bald, with intense little black inquiring eyes. Roberta would never
consider him as an
interesting man, and that was not just the appearance. He was also a
greedy, cynical and
hard to please person. He made a brilliant career in the insurance
company mostly thanks to
his lack of scruples. Although they knew each other since three years,
Roberta and her boss
were definitely not friends. She couldn’t remember to have seen him
smile. She used to
think he probably hated or just despised her.

Depoulos raised his eyes from his large, shiny desk to her. She
greeted and, following his
gesture, sat on a chair before him. Her heart was racing and she was
already blushing. She
felt like she was before the judge… well that was very close to the

“I hope that in these few days, Roberta, you got an accurate idea of
the consequences of
your action,” he said coldly. “Yes, sir,” she replied in a low voice.
Her gaze went to the
floor briefly, then she urged herself to raise her face and meet his
eyes. “You are aware
of the pecuniary penalty, of the fact that you would be banned from
insurance and other
financial employment,” he paused to see her nod, “and maybe even of
the fact that I have
the power and the will to bring this to the extremes and ruin your
whole life. All correct?”
Roberta sadly nodded. “Yes sir,” she murmured, “but let me…”
Depoulos raised his hand to
interrupt her. “I’m not interested in what you are willing to offer or
say to amend your
mistake. And there’s an obvious reason, Roberta, because I can take
anything I want,
independent of what you offer.” He grinned. “Or am I wrong?” Roberta
weakly shook her head.
“No you’re not,” she said.

Depoulos nodded. “The documents proving your unwise conduct are now in
a safe place, in a
locker”, he said. She looked a bit surprised. “A… locker?” “Yes.
Simply put, Roberta,
until I own those papers I own you. I own you completely. And I care
for my properties.”
He let his gaze down her face to her jacket. “Now Roberta, I would
like to inspect my
property immediately.”

As the truth made its way to her mind, Roberta’s face blushed crimson
and she began to
tremble, her heart racing faster and faster. She hoped she was wrong.
She tried to act like
she had no idea what he was saying. “Excuse me?” she muttered.
Depoulos shook his head
slowly. “Don’t behave like this, Roberta,” he said, “I could have you
bend over, rip your
panties off, and whip your ass for pretending to be more light-headed
than you are. What do
you think I mean by inspecting my property?” Roberta felt tears in her
eyes. “Please…”
she sobbed, “please don’t…”

Depoulos shook his head again. His grin was even more obvious. “This
hesitation makes for
five strokes on your bare ass. You’ll get them before you get out of
this office. From now
on, each hesitation in answering a question, or obeying an order, will
be punished. Do you
understand this?” Roberta nodded. “Yes…” she murmured. A big tear
ran down her cheek.
“Good. Now answer my question. What do I mean by inspecting my

Roberta nervously looked down to her stockinged knees, twitching her
fingers. “That… you
want me to undress, sir”. Depoulos nodded. “Correct. Stand up.”
Roberta stood slowly, her
legs were slightly trembling as were her hands. “Raise your skirt,
bitch, slowly.” The
order came cold and sharp as a razor. Roberta reached for the hem of
her skirt, almost
unconsciously, and lifted it up slowly, revealing her thighs… he
looking… then the hem
of her stockings… he still looking… then her black thong…
Depoulos nodding.

“Turn around”. Roberta turned on her heels, displaying her firm, round
ass to her boss.
“Do you always dress as a whore like this, or did you think of me
while you were dressing
up today, Roberta?” Roberta’s heart was rushing, and she couldn’t even
try to find a less
humiliating answer than the truth. “I was thinking of you, sir” she
muttered. Depoulos
laughed. “Remove your thong, bitch”. Roberta tried to lower her hands
to the waistband of
the thong, but she didn’t have the nerve. “Please… Sir…” she

“Ah, well,” said Depoulos. “So we are up to ten strokes on your ass.
Your next hesitation
adds five on your cunt. Do you understand?” Roberta felt the first big
drop fall from her
eyes. “Yes sir” she muttered. “I’d better check it. Repeat. What did I
say about your next
hesitation?” She sobbed. “It will cost me five strokes… on my…
cunt sir”. She shivered
as she said that word. She would have used another one. But was too
frightened to displease

“Good. Now remove that thong and try to use your brains from now on,
stupid worthless
bitch.” Roberta reached for the waistband, tears flowing. The thong
slipped down her
beautiful legs to the floor, and she stepped out of it. Still she was
standing with her
back to Depoulos, her shoulders shaking with her weeping.

“You have a sexy and spankable ass, Roberta. Now bend over, spreading
your legs, and show
me your cunt.” She moved her feet apart, trembling and crying, and
bent down. She put her
hands on her knees. Then, without the need for another order, lowered
more and reached for
her calves with her hands. She was on display in the most humiliating
way she ever was.
“I’m sure you know how whores display themselves, Roberta. Open your
cunt lips quickly.”
Roberta was now in a nightmare. Her trembling hands went to her sex
and she gently parted
her sex lips, showing her pink inner skin to Depoulos. He stood,
smiling. “Good bitch,” he
said, reaching for her sex. She felt a shiver down her spine as the
fat fingers of her boss
touched her exposed sex, and his middle finger slowly slid up inside
her. “Who uses this
hole, Roberta? Your boyfriend?” Roberta nodded, eyes closed, tears
slowly pouring. “Speak
loud when I ask you something bitch”, he said, punctuating his words
with hard slaps on her
ass. “Yes… my boyfriend, sir”. Depolous smiled again, and began
pumping his finger into
her hard and fast, adding another one after a few thrusts. “But his
small cock isn’t enough
for a large whore cunt like yours, am I correct Roberta?” The poor
girl sobbed. “Y…” her voice dying. “Yes sir”. Depoulos
spanked her ass again. Being spanked felt so humiliating, the
psychological pain much deeper
than the physical. And the words he used… “Full sentences from
fuckpigs, Roberta” he
hissed. “Answer again.” His fingers pushed deeper with each thrust. He
pushed in deep and held
still, impaling her sex on three fat fingers. “His… small cock is
not enough for me
Sir”. “For your large fuckpig cunt?” “For… for my… large…
fuckpig cunt sir”.

Roberta was broken. Depoulos resumed fucking her sex with three
fingers and, to add to her
desperation, she felt on the edge of climax when he withdrew. He sat
back in his big
comfortable chair. “Stand up and turn, bitch”. Roberta finally
released her sore sex lips
and stood, turning to face Depoulos. He looked at her, clearly wanting
to take it slow now,
as if he knew… he probably knew… that Roberta was unbearably
suffering in the fires of
humiliation. “Remove your shoes.” She dropped her stiletto heels one
by one, raising her
calves and pushing them off onto the floor. Depoulos nodded. Knowing
she was bare feet,
with just stockings, added to his sense of power and her sense of
defencelessness. “It
looks like a nice set of udders on this fuckpig,” said Depoulos. “Show
me.” Roberta reached
with trembling hands to the buttons of her blouse. Her heart was still
pounding hard and
fast, and her face was purple red, wet with tears. As soon as she
undid her last button,
Depoulos guided her next step: “pull those balloons from the bra”. She
sadly obeyed,
pulling her large breasts from the enclosing satin bra. Her breast was
big, firm, young and
healthy. She was proud of it… in normal circumstances. Now for the
first time in her life
she found herself feeling that she was too big… feeling that she was
obscene. Depoulos
grinned. “Nice big udders like yours are very good for spanking and
torture,” he said.
“Now, fuckpig, I hope your know what your mouth is for. And I hope you
can tell me now, or
it’s gonna be a hard punishment. Say what you think about your mouth,
bitch. What is it

She knew what he wanted to hear. She did not even try to find a less
crude way to say it,
unsure if he would be pleased at all with the words she could find.
“M… my mouth…” she
sobbed “is for sucking cock… sir.” He nodded. “Yes. And do whores
like you suck on their
knees Roberta?” She hesitated. “Yes… sir” she muttered. “Good, then
you may kneel, as I
am going to give you the honour of sucking a bigger cock than you are
used to, Roberta”.
“Yes sir”, she muttered again, kneeling promptly. Roberta was a few
steps away from her
boss. “Crawl to me, on all fours like a wanton doggie bitch”, he
commanded. Roberta fell on
all fours and moved across the carpeted floor. Depoulos watched,
enjoying the sight of this
beautiful young girl crawling almost naked, her big tits gently
swaying with her movement,
and shapely ass in the air, her firm legs on display in those sexy
stockings. She crawled
to her boss’ feet and rested, eyes lowered in shame. “Do you like to
drink cum, bitch?” he
asked. Roberta sobbed softly. She didn’t. But knew better than tell
the truth now. “Yes…
sir” she submissively replied. “Good,” said Depoulos. “From now on,
you will drink my cum
at least three times a week, otherwise you get a tough punishment. Do
you understand it
bitch? “Yes sir.” “At times, you will have to beg for my cum, and I’ll
accept your request
only if you prove to be willing to humiliate and degrade yourself for
it. Your main duty
from now on in this office is forgetting any self respect you have. If
anything you do or
say makes me think you consider yourself anything more than a filthy
cum drinking cheap
whore you will be punished. If you don’t put all of yourself into
pleasing me you will be
punished. Does the bitch understand?” “Y… yes sir.” He slapped her
face, suddendly, hard.
A cry escaped her lips. “FULL sentences from fuckpigs, roberta. Does
the bitch UNDERSTAND?”.
“Yes sir… this bitch understands sir.” Roberta eyes cast to the
floor. His eyes cutting
her dignity like knives. “I hope so. Now unzip my pants.”

Roberta closed her eyes as her hands slowly moved to the man’s crotch.
“Look at me bitch”
he said. She opened her beautiful green eyes and looked up through the
tears while her
trembling hands fought with his button, and undid it. Her lips had a
tremor as she pulled
the zipper down, forcing herself to stare into his cruel eyes. “Take
it out.” Her right
hand moving into the opened pants, finding his very hard cock. She
pulled it out gently,
carefully. Her eyes briefly moved to his rod, then she raised them
again to meet his gaze.
“Feel it nice and slowly, Roberta, I know you like it, whores like big
cocks. Does this
whore like big cock?”. She reluctantly wrapped her fingers around the
big shaft, and began
to pump and caress it slowly. “Yes…. Sir… this whore likes big
cocks”. “Did you ever
drink sperm from a bigger cock, bitch?” he asked. Roberta shook her
head no, fighting back
the tears. “No… sir”. That was true. Depoulos kept looking at her,
waiting. Full
sentences. “I… never drank sperm from a bigger cock sir…” she
muttered. “So, either
your boyfriend has a poor small prick or you never drank his cum, or
both. What.” Her hands
still massaging his cock as she humiliated herself: “my boyfriend has
a poor… small
prick sir…” Depoulos nodded. “Lick it and say you can’t wait to have
it in your cunt,
whore”. Roberta felt a new rush of tears filling up her eyes. She
could hardly see Depoulos
through them. She couldn’t go down this way. “Please… sir” she
muttered. “Ok, bitch, that
makes five strokes on your cunt. Or, if you so prefer, you can get out
now and face what
expects you”. Depoulos smiled as he saw two big tears running down her
cheeks and falling
onto her big naked breasts. “Be quick to decide.”

Roberta found herself considering her situation all over again. But
for all she could
think, there was no way out of this nightmare. “I’m… sorry” she
murmured. She bent
forward slowly, kissed it, stuck her tongue out a little, began to let
it slide along the
shaft. “I’m sorry sir… I can’t wait to have it in my cunt sir”. “Be
careful, you’ll get
physical punishments for misbehaviour only until you become too
boring. After that, I will
stop all that and just fire and ruin you. There’s not gonna always be
a second chance. Do
you understand me cocksucker” He slapped her left tit, suddenly and
hard. The loud smack
seemed to awaken her to his painful nightmare. Her full heavy tit
bounced against the other.
“Yes sir I understand sir” she murmured, still licking at his shaft.
“Now suck as the
cumdrinking fuckpig you are, Roberta, and be careful not to disappoint
me”. Roberta wiped
her tears from her face and gently let his cock slip between her
closed lips into her mouth.
Closing her eyes, she began to suck as sweetly as she could. Her lips
began moving along
the shaft slowly as she caressed it with her tongue and softly sucked.
Depoulos watched the
beautiful kneeling girl and grinned. “Look at me while you suck
bitch”. Roberta raised her
eyes to meet his as her wet mouth pleased his cock. She tried to be as
careful as she would
be with her boyfriend in a most passionate moment. She realised she
had probably never been
*that* good for Rod. Depoulos seized her hair and began to pump her
mouth obscenely on his
cock. “Don’t blow me like a good mannered teenager, bitch. You are a
whore. Let me hear
you.” Roberta fought herself to keep her eyes on him as she sucked
harder, making washing
sounds with her mouth. “That’s better,” he said, “now finger your clit
and pinch your
nipples bitch.” Her hands reluctantly moved to her body. Her right
hand went between her
thighs, as she began to rub her clit. Much to her shame, she found it
erect. Her mouth was
still pumping on that huge cock, obscenely filled with it, as it
pushed deeper and deeper
against her throat. Her left hand went to her ample breast, and she
began rubbing and
pulling at her nipples, alternating between them. Oh god, she thought.

She felt dirty as a porn actress, kneeling there with all her body on
display, in holdups,
sucking cock and masturbating like a wanton slut. “You will be
masturbating a lot from now
on, bitch, and I’ll make sure you will most often have some toy
stuffed into your holes and
teasing you… but you will not cum unless I tell you to. Do you
understand bitch?” He
pushed her face off his cock. “Yes… sir I understand sir” she
muttered again. “Your cunt
is my property, isn’t it. Say it bitch while you lick.” “My… cunt…
is your property sir”
she murmured again, mesmerized by his steel cold voice, as her pink
tongue gave him more
submissive pleasure. He nodded. “Good bitch. Do you want to drink my
cum now.” She looked
at him, desperation and a silent plea in her eyes. “Y… yes sir” her
voice replied. “Beg
for it while you masturbate.”

Roberta briefly closed her eyes, then looked again into Depoulos small
cruel black eyes.
“Pl… please sir…” she murmured. Depoulos was now holding his own
cock, rubbing it
slowly against her cheeks. Waiting for more. “Pl… please let me…”
His cock against her
nose, onto her eyes, getting wet with her tears. “Please let me drink
your cum sir…”
Depoulos grinned as he rubbed his huge sex on her pretty small face.
Then he opened a
drawer and fetched a small camera, placing it on his desktop, pointing
at her. “I’ll have
souvenirs from time to time Roberta. You’ll get used to perform before
a camera.” Roberta
blushed. “I know what you’re thinking bitch. That I might use this to
blackmail you”. That
was true. “In fact you think about it just because you are stupid. I
already have all I
need to blackmail you til the day you die. Correct?” Roberta sadly
nodded. “Yes… sir”

Depoulos switched the camera on. “Now bitch make it worth the cost of
the tape.” “Yes…
sir” she muttered again. “Wrap your little sexy hand around my cock
and pump it… let it
point to your face… keep looking at me… and keep begging me to cum
on your face…
and I mean beg. Humiliate yourself, stupid fat whore.

Roberta held his cock timidly, and began to pump it. She looked into
his eyes and weakly
began pleading… it was terrible to hear her own voice… knowing it
was being recorded…
“please sir cum on my face… cum on this whore’s face… i am just a
fat low whore Sir,
please give this whore the cum she needs…” Her left hand was still
onto her clit and
rubbing it… well she could have pretended, Depoulos couldn’t see
what her hand was really
doing… nor could the camera… but she rubbed herself because of the
desperate heat that
was growing between her legs. She had to. It was relieving. She pumped
this huge cock and
rubbed herself and her voice was moaning now: “please cum on this
fuckpig sir…”

She felt his huge cock throb in her hand and the first thick shot hit
her lips. She
involuntarily closed her eyes, then opened them again. Depoulos was
still staring right
into her eyes as he shot her pretty face. She felt big drops of her
boss’ sperm slip down
her cheek and nose to her breasts. Depoulos held his cock in his right
hand and used it
like a paintbrush to smear his cum onto her face, staring into her
eyes with a wicked grin.
“Ooooh yesss… whores like the smell and taste of cum, don’t you
Roberta?” “Yes… sir…
I do like the smell and taste of your cum sir…” Depoulos grinned
again and slapped her
face with his still almost completely erect, huge rod. “You need not
waste the cum that
fell on your tits Roberta, I think they are large enough for you to
reach to lick them”.
Roberta nodded and murmured “yes sir” as she unwillingly lifted her
breasts to lick his
cum. Depoulos grabbed her hair and polished his tool with it, looking
at Roberta as she
licked his warm cum from her big round boobs.

“Now put what you used back in place” he ordered, alluding at his
cock. Roberta quickly
reached for his cock and put it back into his pants, zipping them
close gently. Depoulos
nodded. “I hope you like what you will be feeding on in the future,
bitch.” “Yes… sir”.

Depoulos was satisfied for now and switched the camera off. He then
pointed at the chair
before his desk. “Now sit, we have a few more things to discuss.”

Roberta stood and lowered her skirt, but Depoulos shook his head. “Did
I allow you to cover your
cunt and ass, bitch.” Roberta looked up with a hint of fear in her
eyes, as her hands
quickly moved to raise her skirt again. “no, sir, I’m sorry sir” she
replied. Depoulos shook his
head. “You are behaving like a silly brat. Sit down.” Roberta sat
before her boss,
skirt still raised to her waist. “Because you have been bad, and
forgot again to answer in
full sentences, you will get a full punishment now.”

He walked towards her and kicked her shoes near her chair. “Put these
back on”. Roberta
obeyed, putting her shoes back on her stockinged feet. Depoulos took a
heavy wooden ruler
from the desktop. “Now raise your knees and hold them as high as you
can. Your asscheeks
must be in view.”

Roberta suddendly noticed that Depoulos had fetched two pieces of
rope. He knotted the rope
around her left knee, then forced her right hand behind her head and
knotted the other
extreme of the rope to her wrist. Next came the binding of her right
knee to her left
wrist. Roberta was crying. She had never experienced bondage, not even
in this light form.
Her legs were parted by the bondage, her pussy was on display, and, to
add to her
mortification, it was patently wet. She was dimly aware that he had
her put her shoes on to
have her look more sexy as she was receiving punishment, and that
caused a strange feeling
deep inside her… and, strangely, some form of obscure, fetish
arousal at the thought of
her own looks, bound like that in stockings and heels.

Depolous looked at her in silence for a little while. “Now, bitch,
here are some rules for
you to begin with. You will receive daily an e-mail with instructions
about your dressing
for the next day. You will follow those instructions very carefully.
You will always call
me Sir. If you are guessing about limits, well, it is rather simple:
there are *no* limits
to what this whore will be forced to do. Although, nothing you will do
will leave any mark
that would reveal your submission and enslavement to you wimp
boyfriend. Apart from that,
you are about to do the most humiliating and disgusting and painful
things you can imagine,
and surely many you wouldn’t imagine, too. Either accept it from the
outset or call yourself
out and get a very good lawyer. Is that clear whore?”

Roberta nodded. “Yes… sir it is clear”. Depoulos grinned. “Now, I
promised you some
strokes. Where are you gonna get them whore?” “On… my ass…” she
began, in a muttering
low voice. “Speak aloud bitch”. “On my ass and pussy” she said. “No!”
he said, hitting with
the ruler very hard on the back her thighs. She let out a high cry…
god that ruler was so
painful. “Ladies have a pussy, Roberta, dogs like you have a cunt.”
“Y… yes sorry Sir on
my ass and cunt Sir”. “It was ten on your ass and five on your cunt a
few moments ago. But
I remember you hesitated for a few orders and right now chose the
wrong word. So I’m gonna
add something. Now count each stroke out loud bitch.”

Roberta thought this was a nightmare… it was like those movies about
sadistic school
teachers or college nuns… it was all in *that* style, and
nevertheless how real it was
now… how humiliating… how frightening to be in that situation.
“Yes Sir” she mormoured.
Depoulos gave her the first stroke on her ass. “One” muttered the

“Two…” “Three…” Ten strokes came down. And then Depoulos placing
his hands onto her
knees, spreading her legs. “Please… please Sir don’t… i beg you.
This whore begs you…”
Big tears falling from her eyes as her pussy was exposed. Prepared for
punishment. “Keep
counting whore”. The heavy ruler landing hard onto her gaping pussy,
with a loud smack. She
cried, and then counted out: “eleven…” “twelve…”

The strokes reached fifteen. But Depoulos didn’t stop. It reached
twenty… He didn’t stop.
All her body was trembling and she was melting into tears. He stopped
at twentyfive. Her
cunt was sore, red, swollen. He untied her left wrist. “Masturbate
now” he ordered. She
couldn’t resist. Her hand moved, she began to rub her aching sex. He
parted her arms,
pinched her nipples til they were erect. “Keep counting” he said
harshly, rubbing the ruler
on her erect nipples. “Twenty-six” was right on her right nipple. Pain
ran through her
spine. He inflicted five on each nipple, alternating between the two.
And she kept
masturbating. And got very near to climax. Then he grabbed her hand
and pulled it off her

“Do you need to cum bitch” he hissed. Roberta hesitated, breathing
hard. Her face was on
fire. She couldn’t think, yet she knew what was wanted of her. “Yes
sir…” she mormoured.
“I need… this whore needs to cum sir”. Depoulos looked at her gaping
sex, shiny with her
juice. “It’s a horny hole”, he said, his voice conveying more despise
than Roberta had ever
perceived. He leaned towards her sex and spitted on it, a big hot
spit. The sensation, the
act, the unexpectedness sent a shiver through her whole system. “You
don’t cum today whore”
he sentenced. “Yes sir…” she replied, feeling that shiver again.

He untied the ropes that bound her right wrist to her left ankle.
“Knees on the arm’s chair
bitch.” She obeyed, putting her knees onto the chair’s arms and
opening herself completely.
“I will have to get a towel to use for our face to face talk, your
dripping cunt is
staining my chair.” “I’m sorry… sir” was her feeble reply. He looked
at her in silence,
savouring the stunning sexy shape of his enslaved secretary. God she
was beautiful. And
God, such a beauty would be so good to humiliate… humiliate to
extremes. The poor sobbing
girl kept her eyes cast down, knowing he was looking at her open cunt
and bare tits. “Did
you boyfriend ever humiliate you to get off?” he coldly asked. “Share
or expose you to
others, call you names, piss in your mouth… did he ever?” “N… no
sir” she muttered. He
nodded. “He would envy me so much then. He would be green.” He lit a
cigarette. “LOOK AT ME
while I’m speaking to you bitch.” She raised her tear-filled eyes.
“Sorry sir” she
murmured. His gaze went to her pussy, then locked on hers again. “You
will shave your hole
for me tonight. From now on, you are not allowed pubic hair unless I
tell you otherwise.”
She went pale. “What… will I say to my boyfriend… sir” she timidly
asked. He kept
silent, staring at her with cold eyes. She suddendly began to feel
stupid to have asked.
Even a vague fear descended upon her as she tried to bare his gaze. He
probably knew, let
her savour those feelings. Then he spoke. “Never try again to submit a
problem of yours to
me, bitch.” “Yes sir… sorry sir I will never do that again sir.

“Now put your clothes back on, except for your sluttish thong. Then go
to the grocery store
at the corner and buy a banana. You have ten minutes to come back with
the banana in your
cunt and get back to work. Does the whore understand?” “Yes sir…
this whore understands”
she said. “The banana must be in your cunt *before* you enter the
building. I don’t care
where you do it, but if I meet you stepping in without the banana in
your cunt, you’re
done with. Do you understand this as well?” “Yes, sir I understand”
she murmored again. “Go

Roberta quickly stood, gathered her clothes, feeling confused,
ashamed, desperate. Trying
to dry out her tears quickly as she redid the buttons of her blouse.
Hoping she would be
able to forget this quickly. Get the banana, do what He wanted, work
with it stuffed up
her cunt…

She opened the door and walked out to face her new life.


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