Blackmailed secretary (2001), p.3 – Captive!

Roberta checked the contents of her bag once again and kissed Bob
goodnight. “I’m so sorry I have to leave you all alone, my love” she
purred. “Not a problem, love, I’ll go to sleep early” was Bob’s reply.
Thank God, she thought, Bob wasn’t jealous nor suspicious. Roberta
wasn’t sure how could her recent changes in clothing and appearance be
accepted that easily by Bob… within the last week, she had shaved
her mound, colored her hair blond, bought lots of lingerie (although
she had been able to hide some of it)… Bob probably just
thought she was trying to be as sexy as possible to him…

She drove towards a small cafeteria where she used to stop in the
morning on her way to her workplace. There was a toilet room outside
the cafeteria, she rushed in with her bag and changed her dresses,
turning into Depoulos’ whore – business as usual. This was the first
time she did that in the evening. She quickly walked back to her car,
hoping no one would mistake her for a hooker… in that extremely
short red skirt, tight black wool top that seemed to be just filled by
her bra-less big breasts…. black silk stockings and black

Back in the car, she took the small map Depoulos had given her and
drove toward his mansion, just out of town.


A black, handsome guy met her at the door of the mansion and let her
in. “You must be Roberta,” he said, in a rather gentle and warm voice,
closing the door behind them. “My master, Mr. Depoulos, is waiting for
you in the living room with the waitress, Liza”. Roberta nodded, but
as she was taking her first step, the black man stopped her. “I’m
sorry, not this way. Depoulos wants me to lead you with this.” He
showed her a black leather leash and collar. “Y… yes” she muttered,
as the black guy buckled the collar onto her neck. “On your knees,
please.” Roberta slowly sank to her knees. “My name is Rick,” said the
man. She
nodded again, looking at him… “nice… to meet you” she murmured,
although it felt silly to greet the man who was holding her by the
leash. Rick grinned and turned his back to her, leading the way.
Roberta crawled behind him on her hands and knees.

The lights in the living room were dimmed. Depoulos raised his eyes
when Roberta came in, led by Rick, and grinned. “Hello whore,” he
said. The waitress, Liza, was a petite blond, dressed in a maid
uniform… and she was kneeling between Depoulos’ legs. There was
little doubt as to what she was doing. Depoulos patted her head. Liza
withdrew from what she was doing, and stood.

“Very pretty outfit, dog”, Depoulos said to Roberta, lazily caressing
Liza’s thighs under her skirt. “You look good on your knees. Crawl
over here.” Roberta moved, this time followed by Rick. Depoulos bent
forward and reached to squeeze her ass, then her tits. “Fat udders
with no  bra… ah… so inviting”. Roberta blushed as she felt all
the eyes upon her. “Lick my shoes, be a good dog, dear” he ordered.
Roberta bent down, trembling for the humiliation, and unwillingly
stuck her tongue out… until it came into contact with the black
leather of
Depoulos’ shoes. Then he began to lick. “You’ve already met Rick, and
this is Liza,” Depoulos told Roberta. “They work for me. We are going
to have fun all together, tonight. Did Bob cause you any problem,

“No Sir, he didn’t, Sir.”

“He knows you might be spending the whole night away, right?”

“Y… yes Sir”.

“Higher now dog, you might lick my cock too.”

Roberta slowly raised until she was facing Depoulos’ cock. It was
still wet with Liza’s spit, and rather flaccid. She began to slowly
lick it.

“It’s good that Bob is such a stupid wimp,” Depoulos said. “This way,
his whore can take all the cock she needs… all the humiliation she
needs… and all the pain she needs. And then she can get back home
and play the good girl. Am I right bitch?”

Roberta nodded, still licking. “Yes Sir, you are right.”

Depoulos caressed Roberta’s pretty face. “Back to my shoes, dog, lick
the soles too.”

Roberta bent down again. “Take a look at the whore’s fat ass while she
cleans my shoes” Depoulos said to Rick. The black man approached
Roberta and raised her skirt to her waist, revealing her round
buttocks and her shapely stockinged thighs. He Felt her ass cheeks
slowly, squeezing them in his strong hands. Obeying to a gesture from
Depoulos, he also slapped it hard two times. “Did you miss the taste
of your man’s cock, whore” asked Depoulos. “Y… yes Sir this whore
missed the taste of her master’s cock Sir.” Roberta felt an itch
between her legs as the cold, emotionless voice of Depoulos began to
draw her into submission. “Lick Liza’s shoes, now, and give me your
fat cunt to fondle. I’m sure you missed your master’s hand on your
horny cunt, didn’t you.” “Y.. yes Sir I missed your hands on my horny
cunt Sir”.

Roberta turned towards Liza, her ass jutting out towards Depoulos. She
began to lick Liza’s high heeled shoes as Depoulos reached between her
thighs to obscenely grope her cunt. “This bitch is getting wet just by
licking our feet,” he said, “I think she will be literally dripping
before I’m ready to use her cumhole”.

Then Depoulos took the leash from Rick’s hand and pulled on it to get
Roberta’s attention. “Climb on that chair, whore” he ordered. Roberta
looked up, then crawled on her hands and knees towards the chair, and
sat down, legs lightly parted, her skirt still around her waist. She
kept her eyes cast down, waiting for them to use her. Her shaved mound
was visible and glistening with her own juices to add to her
psychological discomfort. Depoulos made a gesture to Rick, who stepped
away and returned a few moments later with some items. The black man
stood behind Roberta. “Hands behind your neck, miss”, he said. She
obeyed, and felt Rick’s strong hands hold her forearms, then the cold
steel of a pair of handcuffs clicking as they were buckled around her
wrists. She heard another click as the cuffs were secured to some
support in the back of the chair, blocking her wrists in place.

When the cuffs were secured, Rick fetched a penis-shaped gag. He put
the tip of the mock penis onto Roberta’s lips, and she obediently
allowed him to slide all the rubber cock in her mouth. She moaned
through the rubber gag as he buckled the straps behind her neck. “You
like to feel cock in your mouth, don’t you?” Depoulos teased her.
Roberta nodded. Unable to speak, she felt completely at their mercy.
Depoulos stood, and walked towards her. He began to fondle her tits
through the top, and rubbed his still flaccid cock onto them. “Good
fat whore,” he said, stepping back. “Put your legs on the chair’s
arms” he ordered. Roberta complied, as Rick fetched more toys. The new
items were two small chains with clips on both ends. When she saw
them, Roberta moaned through the gag, her eyes
widening in fear. The black man squatted before Roberta, and looked in
her eyes as he attached one end of each chain to the hems of her
stockings. She felt his strong black hand brush her thighs and even
her sex a couple of times during the procedure, and this somehow
increased her wetness. Then he seized her right cuntlip… she started
in fear and the sudden, intense sensation… Rick attached the
dangling end of the right chain to her cunt lip. The clip had a strong
spring, and Roberta moaned in pain as it bit her tender skin.
Next, Rick did the same with the left chain. When both chains were in
place, he arranged them so that they did pull hard outwards on her
cuntlips, effectively spreading her pussy wide open. Roberta closed
her eyes as this black stranger was dealing with her pussy in such a
cold, professional way. Now she was as opened and displayed as she had
never been before. Rick checked the clips twice, pulling on them,
sending waves of pain/pleasure through Roberta’s system.

Then, the black man stood aside, and Depoulos stepped over, reaching
to fondle her open sex again. Roberta kept her eyes cast down as he
inserted two fat fingers in her slippery hole. She felt like a doll, a
powerless toy in their hands – a horny, over sensitized sex toy. “Deal
with her udders, Rick” said Depoulos in his low emotionless voice as
his fingers slowly slid in and out of her gaping sex. Rick raised
Roberta’s tight top until her large tits were
exposed. Her nipples were stiff, and Rick fondled them for a while to
let them get even more erect and sensitive. Then he went to fetch some
more items. He returned with a thin rope, and seized Roberta’s left
tit, beginning to wrap the rope in a tight loop around it. Roberta
moaned through the gag as some tears appeared in her eyes. She could
feel her tit swell as he was binding it tight with the rope. Again his
strong hands occasionally brushed her, on her sensitive nipples this
time, as he wrapped the rope around her left tit too. The last
few loops were drawn around both tits, squeezing the swollen balls
together. Roberta weakly shook her head no and softly cried, her moans
muffled by the rubber cock filling her mouth.

Rick had finished his work, for now, and he stepped back, while
Depoulos was still slowly fingering her. “So whore, I think it’s been
very arousing for you to be bound by a big black man like Rick, hasn’t
it?” Roberta looked into her boss’ eyes and weakly nodded. “I’m sure
you are wondering how big he is. How deep can he dig into your low
cunt,” Depoulos continued, and Roberta couldn’t but weakly nod again.
She hadn’t been thinking of Rick’s cock, but her wet pussy clearly
revealed that Depoulos was right, in part at least, much to her shame.

Her boss grinned and slapped her swollen tits very hard with his free
hand, increasing the pressure on her clit as he fingered her. “And
does this cow like to feel her big obscene udders punished like this,”
Depoulos asked. Roberta felt more tears flowing as she nodded again,
against her will. “You will get used to receive pain in your fat
udders and your fat cunt for my pleasure, cow” insisted Depoulos. “You
will need to feel pain there, the harder it will be, the more aroused
you will get. You are about to become my pain whore. Do you feel
excited at the thought?” Roberta nodded again, as his fingers – now
three of them – dug
deep into her open, slippery sex.

Finally, Depoulos withdrew his fingers, leaving her frustratingly
empty. “Does Bob lick your cunt, dog?” he asked her. Roberta meekly
shook her head no. Depoulos motioned Liza to approach, and the girl
did. Liza was rather pretty, firmly and sexily built, and the maiden
uniform added to the attractiveness. She bent forward till her face
was level with Roberta’s, and kissed her neck. Roberta shivered as she
felt Liza’s lips and tongue on her skin. “Do you think Liza’s soft
mouth will feel good on your wanton horny cunt, Roberta?” Roberta
looked up as Liza withdrew from her neck and smiled at her, licking
her lips softly.

The bound girl hesitated… she didn’t want to have sex with a girl…
that somehow felt dirty, even in that extreme situation… she tried
to shake her head no, and let out some pleading moans through the gag,
as some tears ran across her cheek. “If you don’t want Liza to lick
you, we can take that redhot iron from the fireside and shove it in
your cunt… and then have her soothe your pain with her tongue… you
will have a better attitude then.”

Hearing those words from Depoulos, Rick grinned and walked towards the
fireside. Roberta widened her eyes and began to moan loud, trying to
free herself from the bondage, but Liza and Depoulos held her legs
still. Rick returned with the hot iron. Roberta was shaking her head
furiously. Her pleas could even be understood through the gag.
“Mmmm…” said Depoulos. “We can’t hear you whore… are you saying
you want Liza to lick your cunt?”

Roberta furiously nodded, moaning… “ysssmmmm plsmmmmmmmmmm” Depoulos
grinned. “I can’t hear you bitch. Do you want Liza to lick your cunt
while Rick rubs his long black cock on your pretty face?” Roberta was
nodding still…. “It will be quite hard for you to appreciate Bob’s
poor prick after you have seen a black snake that close, bitch, are
you sure you want to feel it all over your cheeks?” Roberta nodded
again, desperately. Depoulos slapped her tits again, and stepped back.
“Liza,” he said.

Liza knelt between Roberta’s spread thighs. Rick was undoing his
zipper. Roberta closed her eyes as the girl’s soft mouth reached to
her sex. She could feel her kiss her clit, and then she could feel
Liza’s tongue intruding in her hole, push forward. She closed her eyes
in the sudden, intense pleasure, but was immediately took back to
reality by Rick seizing her hair and Depoulos commanding her to open
her eyes. Rick’s huge black cock was before her face,
and the man began to rub on her cheeks. He pressed it with one hand so
that more of it was brushing on the skin of her cheeks. Liza got hold
of the clips secured to Roberta’s cunt lips and pulled on them to open
her for more while her tongue was snakeing inside her.

“Be careful not to let the bitch cum, Liza,” said Depoulos. He now
stood before Roberta, behind Liza, and he took Roberta’s left foot,
removing her shoe. Then he removed the left, and held both of her
feet. He caressed them, his hands running from her beautiful soles to
her calves to her thighs. Then, he joined her feet, and Roberta
understood he had undone his pants when she felt his big cock between
her soles. This came so unexpected that it shot even more excitement
through her body. Depoulos began to rub her feet on his cock,
masturbating lazily on her stockinged soles as Liza’s tongue gently
caressed the inside of her pink hole in long, slow, deep strokes.
Depoulos and Rick began to fondle and squeeze her tightly bound tits
while they were masturbating. She felt her whole body shaking, her
mind could not concentrate on any of the individual feelings –
Depoulos’ cock enjoying her feet, Liza’s mouth abusing her clipped
pussy, Rick’s monstrous black snake sliding all along her face, the
pain and pleasure from her squeezed engorged breasts.

“I think she’s ready to taste some black meet,” said Depoulos. Rick
nodded with a wicked grin and unbuckled the penis gag, slowly removing
it from her mouth. She looked at his big black cock as he put his
large hand on her head, forcing her to turn her face towards it. “Let
it slide in slow and deep, cocksucker” Rick said as he put the head of
his gigantic manhood against her lips. Roberta opened her mouth and he
began to push in… filling her sexy mouth of black cock, slowly,
until it hit the back of her throat. Liza withdrew from between her
legs to leave room for Depoulos. He held his cock and slapped her
dripping bald cunt with it. He was rock hard and it went it easily
into her slippery hole, despite its size. Liza stepped back and held
Roberta’s right foot, caressing her stockinged thigh while she put the
girl’s foot between her legs and began to rub her pussy on it. Roberta
could feel that Liza wore no panties and wasn’t shaved.

Rick was now fucking her face hard and deep, and she was gagging…
she couldn’t breath… she tried to swallow, and felt the huge black
head slide down into her throat. Rick grinned at that, and began
pistoning her deeper – the bulge in her throat revealing how deep she
was taking his black rod. He withdrew just in time to let her regain
her breath, then put the head back in – “suck on this black lollipop,
bitch, there’s a sweet cream in it for you” he said. Roberta could
feel Depoulos’ long shaft taking virgin inches of her pussy – using
her more than Bob ever did – and her own pussy contracting as a
response to the
intense stimulation… yet she knew she couldn’t come without
permission – and she sucked eagerly on Rick’s head… actually milking
it… actually longing to feel his hot sperm in her mouth…. more
tears appearing in her eyes as the awareness of being actually turned
into a slut made it to her mind… and she sucked harder and more
sweetly in her shame, until Rick began to spurt lots of dense, sticky
liquid into her mouth. She moaned and the black man withdrew from her
mouth, to let most of his cum land on her pretty face. Roberta felt it
splash in heavy waves onto her cheeks, nose, eyelids and chin. Some of
it began
oozing from her chin and onto her swollen bound breasts. Still
Depoulos was pistoning into her cunt, deeper and deeper with each
thrust, his hands holding firmly onto her swollen boobs, pulling on
them brutally each time his cock sank into her pussy.

Rick was now going limp, and he stepped back to let Depoulos choose
what to do next. Roberta felt her boss slowing down, and she looked at
him, her face covered in black cum, realizing the situation again –
bound to a chair, spread open, her boss’ cock in her pussy. Depoulos
ceased pumping and stood with his cock half-stuffed in her pussy. “The
whore would definitely enjoy some pain, now” he said. “Isn’t that
true, Roberta. Tell me – would you like your fat cow udders being
tortured now?” Roberta hesitatingly shook her head no, but
didn’t dare speak – her cunt was spasming and milking Depoulos’ cock.
“Y… yes Sir” she finally managed to say “y.. yes this whore wants
her udders punished, Sir”. “Oh yes,” he said, “just think what would
Bobbie say if he heard you. He thinks he’s gonna marry a good girl,
but we know who he’s gonna marry. Say it, bitch”. Roberta slowly
regained her breath. “He’s… he’s gonna marry a fat whore, Sir”. “A
painwhore, black cock sucker, cum thirsty cow,” he said. “Yes Sir” she
murmured, “a painwhore… a black cock sucker… a cum thirsty cow”.
Depoulos nodded. “Beg Rick to give you what you want now,” he said.
Roberta was in a state of complete surrender now – she was even trying
to rock her hips to feel more of the cock that Depoulos kept
frustratingly still, inside her. “Pl… please torture my… tits” she
murmured… Depoulos didn’t look satisfied with this… “please
torture my big… my fat cow udders”.

A large wooden paddle appeared in Rick’s hands. For some reasons,
Roberta had been thinking of something like a crop – but this heavy
wooden thing appeared so much more frightening. “Flat on her swollen,
obscene balloons. I want you to beat them blue. Beat them as hard as
you can Rick. Lots of pain are due for this fucking cow.” He looked at
the frightened face of his victim, “better gag this cumdrinker again,
she’s gonna cry out very loud.” He turned to Liza, who had inserted
the penis gag in her pussy. She handed it to Rick. “That’s gonna make
it more tasty,” Depoulos said to Liza. “Wait,” he added, to Rick. “We
can do better than this.” He withdrew from Roberta’s pussy and
approached her. He put his cock in her mouth – and he began to piss.
Roberta moaned in disgust but did not dare to resist – she swallowed
as fast as she could. Depoulos poured a long lasting stream of urine
inside her mouth, then stepped back. Rick grinned and put the penis
gag back into Roberta’s mouth, as Depoulos went back to fucking her
pussy – slowly, very slowly.

Rick was now holding the paddle again. Roberta tried to beg “no..”
through the gaga, but no avail. The paddle hit her right breast hard,
actually smashing her tit. The pain was like an electric shock through
her body, as she bit the gag and screamed through it. Rick hit her
left tit with the same strength. And then the right again. The rhythm
of his beating gave Roberta no time to think – it was PAIN and PAIN
and PAIN – and through the mist of pain, she dimly felt Depoulos’ cock
taking her again, and deeper. The pain was too strong
to be confused with sexual pleasure, this time – and this was clearly
a good thing to Depoulos. He wanted to use her and to let her know
that her pleasure was none of his business. He used her cunt fast and
deep while the paddle was actually turning her tits to blue. And
finally he filled her cunt with his cum.

When he was done, Depoulos raised his hand, and Rick ceased the cruel
beating of the beautiful girls’ breasts. Liza was still unsatisfied,
and Depoulos told Rick to unlock Roberta from the chair. The black man
unlocked the chain connecting the handcuffs to the back of the chair.
He also removed her gag again. “On your knees doggie”, Depoulos
ordered to the girl. Roberta got down on her knees, still uncuffed,
still breathing hard for the intense pain she’d just been through, cum
dripping from her face, tits, and cunt. Liza sat on the chair, legs
spread on the arms, and Depoulos commanded Roberta to finish her off
with her mouth. Roberta sank her face between the girl’s legs and
tried to lick and suck her as good as she could. “I want this bitch to
get Liza off quickly. Speed her up, Rick” said Depoulos. Rick placed
himself behind Roberta and began to paddle her naked ass, quite hard
but in a slow rhythm. Roberta moaned in Liza’s crotch at each strike,
but fortunately for her, Liza was much aroused by the situation and
came rather quickly.

“Good. That’s all for tonight,” said Depoulos, turning to Roberta “now
you’ll be arranged for the night”. He then turned to Rick and said
“you know where the whore can sleep, I’m going off to bed now”. Rick
nodded and his boss retired. “Follow me on your knees,” said Rick,
holding Roberta’s leash again. Roberta crawled behind him through a
long corridor – her tits aching each time they bounced back and forth
as she crawled. They went through a long corridor and then downstairs,
to a poorly-lit room. A small cage was placed in the middle of the
room. “This is where you bitch will sleep tonight,” Rick said. Roberta
shivered. As they moved closer to the cage, she recognized a long
orange dong mounted horizontally onto the inner wall of the cage.
“Yes,” Rick grinned, “you have to enter the cage crawling backwards in
order to fit.”

Roberta obediently turned, her ass towards the cage. She thought she
could try to ask for help… maybe Rick didn’t know she was being
blackmailed… there were few chances… but…

As her mind worked, she entered the cage. The sensation of the dong
pressing onto her crotch and then sliding in cleared her thoughts away
for a while – as Rick pushed her in… the dong digging deeper into
her abused pussy… and then he was closing the door. He grinned at
her and turned to leave.

She shivered. Now or never.

“R… Rick” she softly called. The man turned. “Yes” he said. “Rick…
I beg you… I beg you to help me… I didn’t choose it… Depoulos is
blackmailing me… you…” Rick shook his head and grinned.

“Ah, girl,” he said, “you’re trying to corrupt me. Unfortunately for
you, I had precise orders about what to do in this case. There already
is a punishment planned for you, and it’s a hard one, sorry.” “W…
what” Roberta went blank “pl… please don’t tell…”

“Here’s what it is. Tomorrow, rather early in the morning, I’m coming
back down here. And you are gonna be suspended by your tits for one
hour.” Roberta was completely in panic. “What… wh…” Rick smiled.
“There,” he said, pointing to a pulley attached to the ceiling.
“You’re gonna be hanging from the ceiling, suspended by your tits.

He turned again, and looked at her before turning the lights off. “But
there’s a good point to it. Right before I lift you up, I’ll probably
dump some cum into your white cunt.”

The lights went off, the door closed, and Roberta was alone. On her
knees in a cage, her tits still bound and aching, and a long dong
stuffed into her cunt. For the first time, she began to feel she would
never get back home. Maybe Depoulos was planning to kill her. That was
all way beyond what she could ever expect. Her tits were bruised. Her
ass was bruised. How could she hide it from Bob? Fear and pain added
to each other. But before she knew, Roberta began to instinctively
push on the dong to get some relief.


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