Blackmailed secretary (2001), p.4 – Children games

Roberta awoke when the door of her room was opened. She had no idea
what time it was. As soon as she opened her eyes, the horror of her
situation suddendly came to her mind. She was still half naked, on her
knees in the small cage, with the plastic dong stuffed into her aching
pussy. The pain from her tits, still bound, was so intense that it she
wondered how could she have slept all. In the door’s frame stood Rick.
“Hello whore” he said. He was holding a heavy crop in his right hand.
Roberta looked up timidly. “G… good day Sir” she murmured.
Before she fell asleep, she had been thinking about what attitude to
have with her tormentors. She had to avoid the punishment that had
been threatened the night before. She had to be as submissive and
eager to please as she could, and pray that they would finally show
some mercy.

Rick grinned and stepped closer. “Did the night bring you advice,
whore”, he said severely.

“Y… yes Sir,” she murmured. “This whore is going to be obedient…
this whore is going to please her Masters… this whore will never
question them or cause any problem Sir.”

Rick unlocked the cage and opened the small door. “Get out and expose
your cunt for whipping, whore,” he ordered. Roberta crawled out of the
small cage – the long dong popping out of her still slippery pussy –
and turned her bottom towards Rick, spreading her legs, bending over
till her face was against the cold floor. “Please whip this whore’s
cunt, Sir” she murmured.

Rick reached to fondle her open, sore pussy with his strong hand, then
withdrew and inflicted four hard strokes on her sex with the heavy
crop. Each stroke made Roberta shake in pain, but she bit her lip and
managed not to say a word. “Now your swollen cow udders,” Rick said.
Roberta shivered, but quickly knelt and arched her back, jutting her
over sensitized abused mammars out for the crop. Rick again felt what
he was about to hit, his strong grip sending waves of pain through the
poor girl’s system. Then he stood and used his crop twice on each
nipple, and twice across both breasts. Tears appeared in Roberta’s
eyes but again she managed to keep silent.

“Open your slut mouth so that I can spit into it,” Rick added. Roberta
tilted her head back, her beautiful newly-blond hair cascading onto
her shoulders, and opened her sensuous lips, looking into Rick’s eyes.
“Do you like to eat your masters’ spit, piss, and shit, whore,” Rick
asked. “Y… yes Sir i love to eat my Masters’ spit, piss and shit,
Sir.” Rick looked at her showing no emotions at all as she opened her
mouth again. He spitted into her mouth, a large glob of saliva.
Roberta felt it in her mouth, and kept looking at Rick, unsure if she
was to swallow. He ordered her to. She complied, the foul taste making
her shiver.

Then Rick took her leash, cropped her naked ass again, and led her
upstairs. The white girl followed on all fours. In her holdups and hi
heels, naked bottom on display, led on a leash by a black man, she was
pretty much of a sight. She was taken to a bathroom where Liza was
waiting. She understood she was going to be washed and prepared for a
new session. Roberta wasn’t sure she had avoided the punishment, too,
but was at least happy to have delayed it.


Liza and Rick had Roberta strip naked – they even removed her bondage
– and had her have a good shower. Roberta was asked to clean all of
her openings carefully – including using a vaguely cock-shaped soap in
her asshole. Liza and Rick supervisioned her washing and kept teasing
her as she showered – pinching her ass and tits, fingering her cunt,
slapping her.

When the shower was over, she was presented with her outfit for that
day. She was told that a few very special guests would be using her,
and that she did know them. Roberta shivered but couldn’t guess who
they were – probably, she thought, some colleagues from the office.

Then, under Rick’s instructions (which were punctuated with sharp
strokes of the crop on her thighs, ass, and tits) she began to
prepare. As a first thing, Rick had her bind her own tits with a thin
nylon line. She was asked to do the same bondage as she had received
the day before – tight loops around each of her generous breasts, then
more loops encircling both. Her “udders” (as Rick kept addressing
them) were severely bruised and the new bondage, with that thin hard
line, felt like it was cutting into her flesh.

Next, she wore a black feetless body hose. The fabric of the hose was
very thin and her body showed as if she was naked – the hose did just
add sluttishness. Especially due to the large hole that completely
exposed her shaved crotch and the lower half of her gorgeous, round
ass cheeks. Her breasts were covered – obscenely tensing the hose
fabric due to the bondage shaping them – but there was a line of small
buttons, from her belly to her throat, that could be undone to have
access to them. She was then given a pair of very high stilettos of a
bright red.

The next item was a pair of red lace gloves that went almost to her
armpits. The gloves had their fingers connected to each other; the tip
of the thumb was seamed to the tip of the other four fingers, so that
her hand was forcedly shaped like a “O” – she could easily figure out
what was the only thing she could do with those gloves on.

Two small chains with clamps at each end were then added – each
connecting the border of the hose lower hole to one of her pussy lips
– so that her cunt was forced open. Finally, Liza did her makeup. When
she was finished, Roberta looked into the mirror and saw a gorgeous,
obscenely sluttish blond bimbo. Her lipstick was heavy and a bright
red that perfectly matched her fuck-me stilettos. A pair of big
earrings completed her sexy look.

The last item she was made to wore was a collar and leash, like the
day before. Today, nevertheless, the collar was definitely a dog’s
collar, with steel studs on it, and of the same red as her lipstick,
shoes, and gloves.

Rick and Liza seemed satisfied. Rick slapped Roberta’s naked ass. “On
your knees, dog whore” he sharply ordered. Roberta went quickly down
as the black man took the leash in his hand and led her to the living
room. Liza followed a few steps behind. While they proceeded to the
room where Roberta was going to be “used”, she was still worried about
who the “special guests” might be. They couldn’t just be colleagues…
not in Depoulos’ style… it had someone closer to her. She shivered
as she entered the room in her submissive, arousing, obscene bondage

And she was shocked. Depoulos was sitting on the large angular black
leather sofa where her audience was sitting yesterday. Beside him, sat
three teenagers Roberta knew quite well. They were from her
neighborhood, sons of close friends of hers and Bob’s. She knew their
names by heart: Jimmy Hart, Ricky Wesna, and Tom Reed. They were all
around 16. She sometimes baked cakes for them when their friends came
to visit. Obviously thus, seeing them there left her breathless. The
three kids had a wicked grin on their faces. She saw their eyes run
over her
sluttish attire – over her exposed body. Istinctively, her hands ran
to her breast and mound. Rick noticed and slapped her face hard – a
loud smack that left a red mark on her cheek – “hands off, bitch”.
Roberta complied, her trembling arms falling by her sides as she
lowered her eyes to the floor, blushing deeply.

“I hope you like my guests, whore”, said Depoulos, grinning. “I have
monitored your social life to choose the appropriate partners for you.
Jimmy, Ricky and Tom were exhilarated when I told them what I’m doing
to you and how they could fit in my game. Of course they will keep
this little secret.” He chuckled, then added: “mmm… well it might
happen that they ask you to do something to earn their silence, but
that’s between you, not my business. Do you understand whore?”

“Pl… please Sir” Roberta murmured, unable to raise her eyes “please
do not involve them in… this… they are just…”

Depoulos made a gesture to Nick, who slapped Roberta’s face again,
harder. “You don’t want to upset me, whore, do you?” said Depoulos.
“N… no Sir” she sobbed through her tears.

“I understand the kids do often come visit you and Bob in your new
house, is that true,” asked Depoulos. “Yes… Sir” she muttered. “And
I bet that when they’re there, you think of their cocks all the time,
like the dripping cunt whore you are… isn’t that true?”

Roberta weakly nodded… “Y… yes Sir” she whispered. She realized
that the teens could not know that wasn’t the truth… the humiliation
and debasement took over her whole mind and body. She felt like a
depraved nympho, because she knew that was what she was in the kids’
eyes. “Well, as it happens, the kids also had some nasty thought about
you. Unfortunately, they didn’t know what a horny bitch you are…
until I told them, that is.”

Depoulos turned to the teenagers. “Do you like her outfit, boys?” he
asked. “I love it,” said Jimmy – his lustful gaze eagerly running over
the beautiful blond’s kneeling body. Tom and Ricky nodded too. Roberta
felt like dying – nothing could be more embarassing than being
commented on by supposedly innocent teenagers. To feel like female
meat at their disposal…!

“Good. Roberta, move your fat ass over here.”

Roberta obediently crawled on her knees across the room. She stopped
before Depoulos and the three teenagers. “Feel her fat tits, boys,
they are worth it.” The kids hesitated a few seconds, then Roberta
felt Jimmy’s hand on her left tit. Cupping it. Feeling it. Caressing
it through the hose. Then squeezing it…. as Ricky and Tom began to
handle her right one. Their fingers digging into her flesh as they
squeezed her aching bound boobs. Her large breasts were much more than
a handfull for the boys.

“Can we…?” asked Jimmy, pointing at the hose buttons. “Sure,” was
Depoulos’ reply. “You can french-kiss her too, if you would.” Jimmy
took the lead and kissed Roberta, who obediently parted her lips and
accepted his tongue as he was undoing the buttons of the hose. Roberta
felt so sick – being ravaged and tongued by those youngsters that
could almost be her own children. The top of the hose was now open and
Jimmy and Tom pulled her tits out, handling them roughly, eagerly
feeling their softness and their shape, their firmness –
increased by her bondage. Tom began to rub her nipple between thumb
and forefinger.

“Do you like them babes?” asked Depoulos.

“Oh, yes,” was their reply.

Depoulos made a gesture to Rick, who approached Roberta from behind.
He seized her hair and pulled on it, ordering her to stand. Roberta
quickly stood, and Rick put his right arm around her waist, blocking
her arms on her sides. Then he forced her to bend over at 90 degrees,
so that her tits were hanging down like swollen balloons. He pulled on
her hair to make her head tilt back to that her tits would be even
more available. Then he began to shake her upper body left and right,
making her tits bounce obscenely before the kids’ amused eyes. “This
is definitely a cow,” Depoulos said to the kids. “As soon as she will
pregnant, these fat udders will be full milk bags. And since you share
my little secret, and know what a depraved bitch she is, you boys will
be able to milk her.”

Rick had now inserted his middle finger in her exposed pussy, probably
per Depoulos’ instructions – she had learned how her boss liked to
have her teased when he talked like this. “The whore will bake a cake
and then you will squeeze her tits to fill your cups with milk, and
have your snack.”

Roberta was sobbing…. Rick had now three fingers in her gaping hole
and the kids were savouring her tits again. Tom and Ricky french
kissed her in turn.

“Good. Now the boys might want to take a look at your cunt” Depoulos
said. “Sit on the floor whore, be sure to let them have the full

Rick released Roberta, who meekly sat on the floor before them. Her
cheek were wet with tears. The boys had their eyes fixed to the
beautiful shaved place between her legs. She parted them wide, then
layed her back onto the floor and raised her knees. The clips attached
to their sex lips did their work in fully exposing the girl’s intimate

“Is this where you want their cocks, bitch? You need them in your
cunt?” Depoulos asked.

“Y… yes Sir”

“Yes, sure. But your dripping cunt will wait until they choose to fuck

“Yes Sir.”

“You can touch it, boys. Feel how wet the cow gets at the idea of
being fucked here and now by three cocks.”

The three juvenile, in turn, began to feel her exposed sex. Roberta
closed her eyes as their young hands groped her outer lips, her
exposed clit – roughly -, as their fingers entered her gaping hole.
“That must be the first time they see a whore’s cunt, is that true,
boys?” asked Depoulos. The three nodded, as their hands ran on her
sex, her thighs, her ass. Jimmy and Ricky had begun to rub themselves
through their pants, too.

When they had had a good taste of her pussy, Depoulos ordered Roberta
on her knees again. She felt abused and violated; her will was
completely gone. “These boys need some attention, whore,” said
Depoulos. “Why don’t you take their cocks out. And while you do, I
want you to look into their eyes and tell them that you love them,
that you want to suck their cocks every day for the rest of your

These words again shocked her to life. “Please….” she sobbed, weakly
shaking her head no. Depoulos didn’t say a word and slapped her face,
twice. Roberta’s sobs subsided, and she took position before Tom. She
raised her tear-filled eyes to meet the boys’… his gaze, ever more
lustful, his cheeks red with arousal, were so embarassing… as she
managed to undo the button of his pants with her half-bound hands, and
then to lower his zipper… “I.. ” she muttered…. god that was so
hard… “I love you… Tom… I want to suck your…. cock… every
day… forever…” She realized that she couldn’t pull his cock out in
any other way than by taking it in the round hole between her thumb
and her fingers. She
delicately pulled it out. “Tell him that his cock is bigger and more
arousing than Bob’s, and use humiliating words to refer to your bf,
and taste him” Depoulos ordered. “Y… your cock is bigger… than
Bob’s… he is a wimp, he has a poor flaccid cock…. yours is
beautiful…” With that, she timidly lapped at Tom’s cock, still
looking into his eyes… engulfed the head in her voluptuous lips….
sucked on it briefly…. then a slap on her ass by Depoulos urged her
to switch to Ricky.

She did the same to Ricky and Jimmy, pulling their erect teenagers
cock out, worshipping them, telling them that she needed their cocks
and would suck on them every day, even after she got married to that
“gay wimp”. Her heart was broken, she had passed the point of no
return, she couldn’t remember what it meant to have dignity and

Depoulos voice again. “You have two hands and one whore mouth, dog,
that is enough for three boys.”

She hesitated… another sudden slap on her face urged her to proceed.
She gently put her glove-bound hands around the cocks of Tom and
Ricky, who were sitting on the left and the right, respectively. She
began to slowly pump on them while she lowered her mouth onto Jimmy’s
cock. Jimmy’s was the best endowed of the three of them. She felt his
cock push against her throat as she began bobbing her head, her hands
moving up and down in a steady, gentle rhythm. Depoulos squatted
behind the girl; his right hand reached between her thighs. Roberta
immediately spread her knees to provide her master better access, and
Depoulos acknowledged this by pushing three fingers into her clipped
gaping sex. “Mmmm…” he chuckled, “I knew you were a depraved whore,
but I didn’t expect your cunt to drip like this.”

Roberta kept sucking and jerking as she shivered at Depoulos’ words…
so true… she was actually feeling so horny, so guilty, so lost….
she felt him spank her ass lazily as his fat fingers pumped her… and
felt she deserved it… then he withdrew his fingers and spanked her
cunt…. each stroke sending waves of intense sensations from her clit
and labia to her brain…

“I understand you like Jimmy’s cock a lot, bitch, but I’m sure the
other guys would like to try your mouth, too” said Depoulos, “I want
you to switch from time to time.”

Roberta withdrew from Jimmy’s cock and began sucking on Tom’s,
replacing her mouth with her free hand. Depoulos was now alternating
between fingering her pussy, slapping it, spanking her ass, slapping
her bound tits, twisting her nipples… his hands were everywhere on
her available, low body.

All of the boys had their cock sucked in turn, while the others were
being jerked. The first to approach climax was Tom. Depoulos noticed
it, and instructed the girl: “Milk their cum onto your face, bitch,
and look into their eyes as you take their cum…. smile to them like
the horny bitch dog you are and beg for their cum”. Pause. “Humiliate
yourself to arouse them til they cum… and choose good words or your
will be whipped on your cunt *very* hard while you’re hanged by your

Roberta removed her mouth from Jimmy’s cock, which she was sucking
again, and began pumping Tom faster…. pointing his tool onto her
face… smiling at him with tears in her eyes…. as her mind ran to
find the words Depoulos wanted to hear… “please… please Tom i need
your cum on my whore face…. i am your whore, a bitch who feeds on
cum and piss…. fill my sluttish face with your sperm…” The rhythm
of her talking to the boy was much conditioned by the attentions she
was receiving by Depoulos, still feeling and teasing her erogenous

Tom let out a loud moan as his young cock began spurting his load onto
her cheeks and nose. Depoulos smiled… “oh yes,” he said, “teenager
cum for my whore….” Roberta felt his middle finger pushing onto her
anus as one more shot landed on her face…. And then Ricky was
throbbing…. she turned to him…. degraded herself to get him off…
“cum…. i am a whore who likes to be covered in teenagers’ cum…. i
want to drink and smell and taste your cum…. i want my face to smell
of teenagers’ cum next time I kiss Bob…” “Very good, whore” said
Depoulos, pushing his finger deeper in her rectum as a reward. “Go
on….” Ricky was now coming, she was jerking Jimmy…. she turned to
him and began licking
his cock as she pumped it with her hand… “please Jimmy shoot my
face…. shoot this fat whore as a punishment for being such a wanton
slut….” Depoulos slid a finger into her cunt as the other one was
pumping her anus… and Jimmy was now spraying all over her cum filled

Still fingering her holes, Depoulos motioned Rick to approach Roberta
and do what he knew. Rick seized her hair, tilted her head back, and
forced his huge fully erect cock downright into her mouth. With her
head tilted back, she had Depoulos’ mouth close to her ear. He began
licking and biting her earlobe and sticking his tongue into her ear as
he whispered: “You need to cum, don’t you, depraved cumpig? I know
filthy whores like you, having fresh teen cum dripping from your
beautiful face makes you need to cum so bad….” His thumb began
rubbing her clit as his forefinger went in and out of her slippery
pussy. “That poor wimp Bob is going to marry a bitch who will suck cum
from her sons and eat her daughters’ cunts… he doesn’t know what a
dripping cunt he’s going to live with, but I know you, and you know
I’m right….”

Roberta just sobbed and moaned as her boss fingerfucked both of her
holes and Rick’s long black snake pistoned her throat. The boys were
watching. “You still have your hands free, and there’s three cocks
before you. Do what a whore must,” Depoulos whispered.

Roberta extended her hands searching for the teenagers’ cocks and
began pumping them again through her lace gloves. She actually, really
needed to cum. Depoulos pushed two fingers deep in her vagina, his
palm pressing onto her clit, and whispered: “now whore, if you are a
filthy bitch that needs to get off with fresh teen cum on her face,
that will eat cum from her children, just milk my fingers with your
cunt and I will allow you to cum. It’s your choice – there will be no
punishment if you choose not to cum like the teenfucker you are.”

Roberta’s head was just spinning – she was given a choice, and knew
her body would betray her spirit again – she began to squeeze
Depoulos’ fingers with her cunt muscles, as if trying to suck them
deeper and deeper. Depoulos grinned. Rick was getting close. “Ok,
bitch” Depoulos sentenced, “as soon as your mouth is filled with black
seed, you are allowed to fuck yourself onto my fingers until you cum.”

Rick understood his boss wanted him to cum, and took her blond head in
his hands, increasing the tempo of his facefucking. He soon began
throbbing and let out a huge load of sperm literally engulfing
Roberta’s mouth. Covered in teen cum and with her mouth filled by the
black stud, the girl began moving her hips to masturbate on her boss’
fingers. He kept still; he wanted the girl to do all the work, to get
off by her own will, to savour her own animal needs. She moaned as
Rick withdrew from her mouth, a trail of thick semen landing on her
chin…. still pumping on the teens’ cocks, she let out a cry as she
reached a huge climax, cumming profusely on Depoulos’ hand.

The greek boss withdrew his fingers from her holes and stood. Roberta
was left alone, panting on the cold floor, in a mess of cum and sweat.
Her bound boobs rising and falling with her heavy breathing.

“Very good,” Depoulos said, watching the sobbing degraded secretary.
“Now you know who you are, whore. Am I right?”

He slapped her right tit, hard.

“Y… yes Sir”

“I didn’t hear you.” Hard slap – left tit.

“Yes Sir… i know what dirty whore i am… Sir”

“Good. On all fours, face to the floor, give your cunt to the boys.”

Roberta quickly obeyed, bending over to jutt her bottom up in the air,
legs spread. The boys watched Depoulos. This time, Ricky was the first
to act. He placed himself behind the round ass of his beautiful
neighbor, and put his cock into her pussy. One by one, all of the boys
took her and downloaded more cum into her.

When the last one was done, Depoulos thanked the boys, reminded them
that Roberta was at their disposal until they kept the secret, and had
Liza show them the way to the door. Roberta was left bent over with
fresh cum dripping from her gaping pussy.

Depoulos looked at her with despise in his eyes. “I have to attend to
a meeting now, whore, so I won’t need your services anymore. You are
free to go back home to your lover. You will not be allowed to use the
bath, so I’m afraid you will be in a mess of cum when you get out of
here.” He turned to Liza, who had just returned into the room after
leading the boys out. “Give her some fresh clothes to wear. No panties
nor bra. Make sure both skirt and top are at least one size too

Liza nodded. Depoulos left the room. And Roberta felt her leash being
pulled – time to go back home.


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