Blackmailed secretary (2001), p.5 – Back to the office

When monday came, it was much of a relief. After the sessions at
Depoulos’ mansion, she had to refuse her boyfriend’s attention, for
fear that he would detect the marks on her skin from the whipping and
prolonged bondage. He was obviously upset but she managed to persuade
him that she was just feeling very tired after the weekend “intensive
kick off meeting”.

When she entered her office, she found Depoulos waiting for her,
sitting onto her desk with his heavy wooden ruler in his hands. “Ah,
here you are, pig”, he said, letting his gaze roam over her shapely
body, packaged in a nice skin-colored, short-skirted business suit.
Roberta timidly greeted her boss and stood, waiting for his
instructions. “While I was driving to come here,” he said, speaking
slowly, “I thought I would have liked to see some bruised fat cunt
lips this morning. This is why I am here, and why I have this ruler
with me.”

Roberta lowered her eyes. “Yes Sir” she meekly replied, looking down
onto the floor. She thought more instructions would come, but Depoulos
remained silent for a while, and then hissed: “what are you waiting
for, pig.” The severe tone of his voice sent a shiver of pure fear
through the submitted girl. “I’m… sorry Sir” she apologized quickly,
“what… position do you want me to take… Sir?”

“In your chair” he said. Roberta quickly muttered “yes Sir” while she
raised her short skirt to her waist and then sat down, placing her
knees onto the chair’s arms, exposing her defenceless pussy to her
tormentor. He looked at her, seemingly waiting for something else on
her part. Roberta knew what that was. “Please… ” she began to
unwillingly beg, “please hit my cunt with your ruler… Sir”.

“Hard, pig?”

“Yes Sir… please hit my cunt hard Sir.”

Depoulos grinned and began to inflict several hard strokes of the
ruler flat on her pussy, increasing the strength at each stroke. His
steel cold eyes were fixed on Roberta’s, and she knew she couldn’t
look down or away. Biting her sexy lips, she moaned at each stroke,
looking at him. “Unbutton your jacket,” he ordered while more strokes
landed on her sensitive flesh. Roberta quickly complied, and for the
next several strokes, Depoulos brutally fondled and squeezed her naked
tits to add to his own pleasure and to her pain and submission.
Roberta felt her pussy lips become hot as the ruler hit her again and
again. Then Depoulos stood still, watching her reddened sex with a
satisfied smile. “I bet Bobby’s not using this hole very much these
days, is he.” “N… no Sir…” she replied. “The whore cannot let her
sweetheart see her sex so swollen and abused, can she,” he insisted.
“No… Sir… I reject him.” “That’s good. I’ll use this ruler to
control your sex life. When I don’t want Bobby to dump his cum in his
wife-to-be, I’ll just spank her cunt a nice brilliant red like today.
Do you like the idea, cow?”

“Yes… Sir” she said, trying to force a smile on her crying face.

Depoulos nodded again. His eyes went to her naked large breasts, that
was rising and falling sensuously with her heavy breath. “Mmmm… ” he
said, “I think I’ll had some tit whipping to complete my morning
starter.” Roberta quickly wiped a tear from her eye, then whispered:
“yes Sir please whip my fat tits Sir”. “Would you like to fingerfuck
your cunt while I do, pig,” he asked. “Yes please Sir let me finger my
cunt while you whip my fat tits Sir”. “With both hands,” he ordered.
Roberta reached to her crotch with both hands and worked two fingers
from each into her pussy, as Depoulos began lashing her bare tits,
letting the ruler hit flat alternatingly onto her nipples and her
skin. Each stroke made a loud “whack!” echoing in the small room and
made her soft breast flesh tremble like jelly. And all the while
Roberta was looking up at her boss, with her shapely stockinged thighs
widely parted, and four fingers stretching her pussy in a steady
pumping motion.

“That’s a good pigwhore,” he said, when both of her breasts were sore
enough for his tastes. “Give your master a good wet pigwhore kiss
now.” He bent down and glued his mouth to hers, sending a shiver of
disgust through her system – his tongue obscenely sticking into her
mouth, his abundant saliva filling her mouth of that stranger taste.
She tried her best to comply with his will, parting her lips as wide
as they would go and caressing his tongue softly with hers. Both of
his hands ran to her tits, cupping them and squeezing them, his nails
digging into her flesh as he savoured the sadistic kiss.

When he finally broke the kiss, he reached for her chin and held her
mouth open as he let a large glob of his spit fall down into her
mouth. “Swallow” he ordered, keeping his grip on her chin. She did,
and then he did spit again into her mouth. “I think this horny pig is
ready for an advancement in her training,” he said, still holding her
mouth open. Her fingers were still working into her pussy – she knew
better than to stop without an explicit permission to do so. “It’s
time you learn to do your duty as a toilet servant, too” he said,
spitting once again in her mouth. At those words, her eyes widened in
fear as she tried to shake her head no and speak – but Depoulos
reacted by slapping her face
hard and then forcing her mouth open again. “Shut the fuck up, pig,”
he hissed, in an hissing voice that cut any further protest on her
part. “Bobby will be happy to have a good wife who can drink his piss
and eat his shit. I’m just about to train you as a good fucktoy wife
for your beloved boyfriend.” He spitted once more in her mouth, then
let go of her face. Roberta looked at him with pleading eyes, but
could not dare speak.

Depoulos looked down at her hands, still half buried in her crotch.
“Stop pleasing that fucking pig cunt,” he ordered, “since you tried to
protest you don’t deserve pleasure, but pain.” He searched her desktop
for something and then found it – a handful of paper clips. He
extended his hand, offering the clips to the girl. “Put four on each
of your cuntlips.” Roberta reached for the clips, placing the first
one slowly. To do so, she istinctively looked down, but Depoulos
seized her hair and forced her to keep eye-contact with him. “I think
a masturbator like you knows her pig cunt without watching,” he said.
“Y… yes Sir” she murmured, placing all of the eight clips. The
springs of the clips were strong and she could feel the metal
painfully biting into her flesh. She felt her sex burning with pain.
Depoulos still had one clip in his hand. “That’s for
your clit, bitch.”

Roberta took the last clip and applied it where ordered. Big tears
were now streaming down her lovely face. Depoulos nodded. “Now,
fuckpig, focus your mind on what I have to say. As a punishment for
trying to avoid your toilet training, you will keep all of these clips
on until after lunch break. You will *not* have lunch, today, too, nor
drink. This will make it easier for you to accept what you will get
this afternoon. I will have a full lunch for your benefit, don’t
worry. Is the pig happy with my orders?”

Depoulos’ fat hands were now feeling her thighs. Roberta wiped her
tears again. “Yes Sir thank You Sir this pig is happy with your
orders,” she replied. He reached for the clip that was attached to her
clit and twisted it slowly. “Good. Now before you go, you will show me
you are sorry for your behavior. I’ll tell you how. Do you want to
show me you are sorry?”

“Yes… Sir please” she murmured.

“Kneel on the floor before those drawers”, he ordered, pointing to a
chest of metal drawers. Roberta obeyed, standing from the chair and
then immediately falling onto her knees and crawling to the chest.
“Open the first drawer” he said. Roberta obeyed again. “Put your
milkbags in the drawer, and close it. Squeeze your own breasts. I want
to see marks on them when I tell you to stop, so don’t be too soft –
in your own interest.”

The girl began sobbing. Humiliatingly, she leaned her breasts in the
drawer, and then pushed it close – pushing hard, biting her lip and
moaning in pain in her self inflicted, degrading torture. Depoulos
approached her and unzipped his pants, sitting across the chest in
such a way as to present her mouth with his cock. “Blow my cock while
you pull and push on the drawer like a good painslut.”

Roberta opened her sexy lips and closed them around her boss’ cock,
sucking it in her mouth as gently as she could while she moaned in
pain and cried big, silent tears. Her platinum-blond head began to bob
slowly on his manhood. Depoulos was rock hard and, in order to comply
with his tastes, she tried until she could get his head into her
throat. Depoulos looked down with a wicked grin, his body relaxing as
he was pleased by her throat, tongue and lips.

To Roberta, who was smashing her own breast, the blowjob seemed to
last forever. Finally, she felt him throb in her mouth and pull out.
He jerked his cock quickly until he began shooting his hot thick fluid
onto her pretty face. He cleaned it in her hair and then stood again.
“Let me see if you did a good job with those fat udders,” he said.
Roberta opened the drawer to expose her sore, heavily bruised chest.
“That’s fine enough, pig” Depoulos ordered. “You will be called into
my office this afternoon. Be sure to remember my orders.”


It was 3 o’clock when Depoulos called Roberta over the intercom. She
locked her computer and walked to his office. Her knees were
trembling. She had fought hard to keep the thought of what was in
store for her off her mind – but now the time had come.

She entered the office and found Depoulos standing by his desk. He
didn’t say a word until she was before him. “I think my personal
bathroom is the proper place to begin your training as a pig toilet
servant,” he said, slapping her ass to urge her towards the small door
that led from his office to an adjacent room.

When they were in Depoulos’ bathroom, he closed and locked the door
behind him. He stood before her and looked straight into her eyes.
Roberta was already blushing, but did manage to keep eye contact.
Without a word, Depoulos reached for her jacket and undid her buttons
slowly. When the last button was over, he took her tits in his hands
and began to feel and maul them. “You are one sexy toilet pig,” he
whispered, causing the first tears to fill her eyes. Next he unzipped
her skirt and let it fall onto the floor. His hands then went back to
her tits.

“The first thing I’m gonna teach to Bobby’s pig bride is to drink pee
pee,” he said. “Kneel.” Roberta couldn’t conceal her feelings, and
looked at Depoulos with pleading eyes, but did sink to her knees and
sat on her calves as she whispered “yes Sir.” Depoulos looked down at
the kneeling beauty at his feet with a wicked grin on his face. “Are
you thirsty pig” he said in a cold, emotionless voice. “Y… yes Sir”
she sobbed, her big eyes staring into his. “Don’t cry, you’re gonna
like it” he said. “Take my cock out.”

Roberta reached to his fly and unzipped it. She reached for his cock
with trembling hands and pulled it out slowly. Depoulos was only half
erect. “I have been saving it for my pig’s belly,” he said with a
grin. “Thank me for what I am about to make you do.”

“Th…. thanks Sir for… letting me….”

A hard slap on her face interrupted her, the sudden pain causing her
to let out a cry. “There’s no me, pig. Use proper words to refer to
your dirty, worthless self.”

“Th… thanks Sir for letting… this pig…. drink your… pee pee…

“That’s better. Take it.”

Roberta opened her lips and accepted his cock in her mouth. Depoulos
smiled wickedly and began to release his hot piss. For a brief moment
Roberta closed her eyes when the foul taste hit her senses, but
immediately opened them again to stare into her boss’ eyes as she was
required to. A whole lot of tears filled her eyes as she fought with
herself not to gag. “Don’t waste a drop, pig” he said coldly. His piss
was streaming into her mouth steadily. Roberta swallowed and
swallowed. When it finally was over, he ordered her to let go of his
cock and lick it clean. Roberta felt at the very bottom of
degradation. She withdrew and then began to lick his cock slowly,
without using her hands. She thought she
was looking pretty much like an animal – a dog or a pig.

“That’s a good wife,” said Depoulos, “you drank it all. Did your cunt
enjoy it bitch?”

Roberta hesitated. Yes, once again her pussy was getting wet on her
degradation. “Yes… Sir my… this pig’s cunt is wet Sir.”

“I had no doubt about it,” he said coldly. He caressed her face with a
smile of mock  sympathy. “Now this bigtitted whore wife should be
hungry, too, aren’t you?”

Roberta hesitated again. She wanted to beg him not to make her do
that. She couldn’t say it. Big tears ran from her eyes, and twice she
opened her mouth to implore, but she knew that would only make things
worst. “Y…. yes” she finally managed to say, “yes… Sir…. this
pig is hungry.”

“What would this pig eat then?”

“Please…..” she murmured, “please let this pig…. eat…. your shit

Roberta felt all free will escape her mind with those words. She had
entered a state of pure submission. She could no longer think of
herself as a human after having pronounced those words… it was
simply too painful. She felt like an animal, a sextoy animal at her
Master’s feet.

“Why don’t you twist the clip that’s biting your clit for me while you
beg, pig, to demonstrate how willing you are to eat my shit.”

In her state of trance, Roberta reached for the clip and began to
twist it and pull on it, causing herself more pain, as she spoke
again: “please Sir this pig needs your shit… Sir…. please let me
eat it…. this pig begs you Sir….”

Depoulos turned his back to her and lowered his pants. He bent down a
bit to offer her his ass. “Take a good lick at my asshole to begin
with, pig. Tell me how do you like its taste.” Roberta bent forward,
burying her face between his hairy asscheeks. The intense smell was
disgusting, but she sticked her tongue out and reached to lick his
asshole. She began to lick it slowly and sensuously, letting her
tongue run up and down along his crack around the hole. “This… pig
loves the taste of… your ass Sir” she sobbed.

“That’s good, I feel I have several mouthfulls for you today” he said.
“Stick your tongue in to stimulate me into feeding my pig.” Roberta
closed her eyes and sticked her tongue in, pushing her face deeper
between his ass cheeks. Depoulos moaned in pleasure and ordered her to
jerk him while she was tongued his asshole. The poor girl reached for
his now fully erect cock and began to massage it obediently while her
tongue went in and out, licking the insides and the border of his

Suddendly, she felt his shit push her tongue outwards. “Pig food is
served, eat it all like a good whore pig wife.” She withdrew her
tongue and unwillingly glued her lips to his anus, receiving the first
piece of his shit in her mouth. The sensation was so horrid that she
could hardly resist, but somehow began to jerk his cock quicker in her
hand as she began to swallow. She coughed and was about to gag, but
somehow managed not to. She swallowed more, thinking she would die.
But she didn’t. Most of the first piece was gone when the second one
filled her mouth, quicker this time. Again she managed to eat it all.

Her hand was still working on Depoulos’ cock, although she was only
dimly aware of this.

Depoulos released two more chunks before he was finished. The last one
took Roberta a long time to swallow. When it was all gone, Depoulos
withdrew from her face and she took several deep breaths and coughed
again. The smell and taste was all she could sense. “Use your spit and
lick my asshole clean, pig” he ordered. Roberta complied, all of her
body shaking for the great shock she had undergone. Depoulos slowly
turned towards her until his cock was pointing at her face. She was
still jerking him.

“Let’s wash it down with some fresh cum, pig. Open your mouth wide.”

Roberta obeyed, opening her mouth as Depoulos began to shoot his load.
Several hot, abundant spurts filled her mouth. “Gargle,” he said. She
obeyed, washing her mouth with his cum. She was pale and her eyes were
reddened by tears.

“Very good,” said Depoulos. He squatted beside her and felt her pussy
with one hand,  feeling her naked shapely ass with the other. “It
feels like the pig’s enjoyed her meal” he said, finding her wet –
something that would have added to her degradation, hadn’t she been
degraded beyond any limit already. He began to slowly finger fuck her
as he spoke in her ear. “Next time you suck Bobby’s small cock or
french kiss him, I bet you’re gonna think of a big chunk of my shit
entering your mouth, won’t you.” “Y… yes Sir”. He added one finger.
“Yes. And I bet this is gonna make you so wet…. to think that the
supposedly pure mouth Bobby is kissing has taken a good mix of piss,
shit and cum from another man.”

Roberta was only dimly conscious, now. The only thing she was aware
of, was that Depoulos was right. She actually needed to cum. She
desperately needed to cum. Or to pass over.

“If you are a good girl, next time I’m gonna let you push some of my
shit into your cunt. Would pig like it?”

“Y…. yes Sir… this pig would like it….”

“Like what?”

“To have… to push your shit into her cunt Sir…..”

She tried to resist the urge to beg him, but it was to strong.
“Please…” she begged, as she gave herself in completely, “please let
this pig cum….. Sir”

“Oh sure,” he said, “lie with your back onto the floor.”

Roberta complied quickly, breathing hard. He raised her knees and
parted her legs. “I’m gonna help my pig by spanking her cunt harder
and harder until she comes.”

With that, he began to hit her on her clip-adorned pussy. Each slap
was harder. And it only took seven of them to lead Roberta to the most
intense climax of her life.


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