Blackmailed secretary (2001), p.6 – Disclosures

Bob Riggs called his fiancee again, and again he heard the answering
machine. “Love, it’s me,” he said. “I won’t be home tonight. I have
been invited by my boss, or more exactly, the boss of my boss… at
some kind of cocktail party, to meet some new customer, don’t ask me,
I have no idea why they want me to be there. I don’t know when I’ll be
back, and I’ll probably quit my cell phone while i’m there. I’ll call
you later. Kiss.”

He felt guilty for lying to Roberta. He was actually paying to be at
this party. The boss of his boss, Mr. Dawson, had been talking Bob
about this for a few weeks. It was a club of sorts, with sexy shows of
some kind, and well – his sexual life had been quite frustrating in
the last weeks. So, why not try to get some relief. He had no idea why
Dawson had been talking about these “special” parties to him, or, for
that matter, if other colleagues had been told and had refused to
participate. The sum wasn’t that big – of course it was just meant to
pay back the overall costs of the party. Not that he cared about who
got the money and why. It was just a night out. And if his bosses were
into this, there was no reason to be concerned about his own
reputation. Strangely enough, he never considered visiting clubs on
his own… but this time, all he had had to do was say: “ok”, and pay
fifty bucks. According to Dawson, the show was going to be well worth
the money.


The party took place in a large mansion in the countryside. Bob parked
his car – the only small one besides several limos – and nervously
climbed the stairs to the main door. A waitress in a sexy uniform
greeted him, took the invitation, and led him in. “Hurry up, sir, the
show is about to begin.” “Oh… oh yes ok, thank you” he babbled. A
bit nervous, he thought to himself. He entered the main hall where the
show was about to begin.

The lights were dimmed, and he sat down on a large sofa. After a few
minutes, while he was looking around to see if he could recognize any
known face, the waitress came up with a tray of drinks. “Would you
like a cocktail, sir,” she politely offered. He started when her small
hand, covered by a sexy lace glove, rubbed his cock through his pants
gently. “Y.. yes thank you” he said, fetching a blue one from the
tray. “You’re welcome sir,” she said, stepping away into the
half-darkness and leaving Bob with a hint of a hardon.

“Hello friends, and welcome”, said someone, speaking through a
microphone. Bob couldn’t see who that was – he had chose a seat
someway back, to keep a low profile. “We have a very special show this
evening, as some of you know. We’re going to have a young bride – well
not exactly, she’ll get married next year – on the stage for your
entertainment.” Bob swallowed hard, took another sip at his drink.
That must be some hired lapdancer who’ll play the part, he thought to
himself. “And I’m sure you will like to know, she’s not here for
money,” the voice said. “She was caught in doing some serious illicit
stuff on her job, and to save herself from ruin, she has to undergo
whatever her blackmailers want her to. You are lucky that her
blackmailers are very close friends of mine…”

The audience laughed, and applauded. Bob felt his cock twitch. Was
that real? And if so… whas it any moral to sit there… waiting for
the show… with a rock hardon?

“I have personally tested this whore bride several times, and I can
tell you she is worth a good look. For privacy reasons, she will be
called by a nickname tonight. Ladies and gents, please welcome Betty.”

Bob took another sip from his drink. Some spotlights were turned onto
the center of the hall. And then two figures stepped in the light. A
man and a girl. The man was walking, the girl was following on all
fours… and…

Bob felt his blood freeze.

It wasn’t a hallucination. His fiancee was there! on all fours, led on
a leash by a black man. She was wearing a tight, short, sexy version
of a bridal gown; candid lace gloves that went almost up to her
shoulders; a bride’s hat with the traditional lace veil; her dress was
too short to conceal the hem of her white stockings. Her shoes were 6″
stiletto heels. The only non-white thing she was wearing was the dog
collar to which the leash was attached.

Bob was in a state of complete shock. He looked at the voluptous shape
of his fiancee’s body, emphasized by the tight dress. She was probably
wearing a tight corset too, since her tits looked bigger than usual,
as if they were pushed up. The guy holding the leash was a black man
dressed up in a black suit, and he held a black riding crop in the
other hand.

Bob’s first reaction, after the initial shock, would have been to cry
out something. But in fact, he didn’t even move or say a word. He
couldn’t – not with all of those managers from his company around. He
felt paralized. He checked if someone in the room was looking at him –
nobody was. Probably, no one knew she was his fiancee. How could they
know? Otherwise, they wouldn’t had invited him at all, he thought. His
heart was pounding like crazy. He put the glass on a small table
beside him, realizing his hands were shaking too much and he couldn’t
safely hold it.

“So Betty”, said the man with the microphone, “do you realise that my
friends must not be disappointed, and that whatever hesitation to do
what you’re told will be severely punished?”

It was another shock for Bob to actually hear Roberta’s voice – and to
hear her say what she said: “Y… yes master this pig understands
master”. Her voice was broken and sobbing – it was obvious that it was
all true – she was being blackmailed and was doing that against her
will. Again Bob felt the need to act, to protect his sweetheart, and
again he remained perfectly still… cursing himself for being a
coward, and for being a dirty pervert who would attend to such a

“Let’s make sure she does, Rick” the man on the microphone said. The
black guy nodded, and raised the hem of her dress, revealing her
rounded buttocks. He parted her legs, and rubbed her pussy through the
white thong she was wearing. Bob felt his stomach twisting. Then the
black man placed his big hands on her lovely thighs, parted them
wider, and inflicted two heavy strokes of the crop right on her
crotch, causing her to cry out in pain.

The audience cheered and applauded. Someone made comments on how hot
she was. She really was. Despite all embarassment, fear, and anger,
Bob couldn’t take his eyes from her – that wonderful body exposed in
such a teasing outfit – and treated like *this*…. god….

“Good,” the man said. “So, I have some questions for you to help you
introduce yourself.”

As soon as the man had said this, the black guy stepped behind the
girl and lowered her thong slowly. He unbuckled his pants. Bob felt
his stomach cringe, and again he felt on the edge – ready to
explode… – and once again he remained still, quiet.

“When are you going to get married, Betty pig,” said the man.

“This pig will get married… in june master” she muttered. She was
sobbing. Bob could tell that her eyes were wet with tears – you have
to stop it, you have to stop this, he said to himself.

“Do you love your future hubby, Betty?” asked the man.

“Yes master, this pig loves her future hubby… sir… master” was her
reply. The black guy extended his hand and began to feel her naked
pussy from behind. Bob clenched his fists. The black man inserted his
long middle finger in her hole, slowly.

“And what do you like better, Betty, hubby’s small prick in your cunt
or a big healthy black cock up your pig’s ass?”

“This… pig likes… a big black cock up her ass… better… master”
was her degrading reply.

The black guy behind her grinned, and bent down to spit into her
crack. Then, he slowly inserted his middle finger in her anus, causing
a moan to escape from her lips, as he teased her slowly, to help her
relax. The audience was in a frenzy and Bob thought he was about to go
insane. He couldn’t move, yet he knew he couldn’t just stay there
still. It was unlikely that she could see him, in the dark, with the
lights pointing to the stage. Yet he could not let this go on…
but… what could he do…?

He was about to stand to walk away when the waitress appeared before
him. She smiled at him and knelt before him. She was a sexy blond
bimbo. “I have finished serving drinks, sir,” she said, “may I…?”
Her hand reached to his zipper. He hesitated, but his cock seemed to
be on the edge of exploding. “Y… yes” he said.

The blonde took his cock out and giggled. “You’re not too big, sir,
are you?” she said in a teasing voice. Bob was confused… yet his
lips framed the word: “no…” She smiled. “So… perhaps you want me
to suck on this little cock of yours?” “Y… yes” he replied. He felt
her lips enclose his prick softly. In a state of dream, he heard the
man on the microphone: “Betty, if you want Rick to please your fat
ass, you should be a good girl and please his first. I’m sure Rick
would enjoy your sweet tongue up his ass.”

“Y… yes master” Roberta mattered, as Rick turned his back to her,
with a grin. Roberta buried her face between his muscular ass cheeks,
and began to lick him slowly. Rick laughed and moaned. “Stick that
tongue deeper, whore,” he said. Roberta obeyed. Even with no
microphone to help, the slurping could be heard clearly. She had been
probably been trained to make nice slurping sounds when licking – and
Bob’s cock was growing iron-hard in the waitress’ mouth.

“It must taste like shit, but this bride likes shit. What do you like
about shit, Betty? Tell us.”

Roberta was trembling. “This pig… loves to lick, taste and eat shit,
master. She also loves to have shit smeared on her body and pushed
into her cunt and ass.”

Bob couldn’t believe his ears. It was obvious that, whatever happened
to Roberta, it had been going on for quite a long time. He wondered
how did they manage to teach her to behave and speak like this. And
what else was she had been trained to do. And his cock pushed in the
throat of the sexy waitress servicing him.

“Good,” said the man. “Now you’d better cover Rick’s snake with your
spit, to make things easier for your fat whore ass.”

Rick turned again to face her. Her red-lipsticked lips wrapped
themselves around the man’s huge manhood. Making kinky slurping
sounds, she began to lick and suck on the black dong. Seeing her
service a massive black cock was the most erotic thing Bob had ever
seen, or so he felt, in his state of shocked confusion. Rick’s cock
looked enormous, and when Rick began to slide it in her beautiful
face, Bob could see an obscene bulge in her throat.

Finally, Rick withdrew his penis, shiny with her saliva, and cropped
her asscheeks, one loud stroke on each. “Give me your ass now, bride.”

Roberta turned and arched her back to offer her rounded, sedutive
white ass. Her hands – so sexy in those high lace gloves – reached to
part her ass cheeks for him. Rick grinned and pushed his huge tool
into her ass. Bob couldn’t believe she could take that monster cock at
all. It wasn’t an easy fit, but the black guy managed to push all of
its head into her in one single shove. Then he began pumping with his
hips, gaining inch by inch with each shove. The mesmerized
husband-to-be kept watching intently as he saw his future wife’s
asshole take that snake, while Rick laughed, called her names, and
slapped and cropped her exposed ass. Rick also began to pull on her
leash to force her onto his cock.

“Does that feel good, whore,” said the man on the microphone.

“Yes… master… this pig… loves it master.”

“Is that dirty enough for a fuckpig like you, or do you deserve more?”

“This pig… deserves more… master”, she said, finally bursting into
tears, either for the pain – it just *had* to be painful, given Rick’s
size – or the degradation. Bob felt the waitress slow down, as if she
knew that something more erotic was coming, and didn’t want to let him
cum too soon. Bob kept his eyes fixed on the stage. And he went pale
as he saw what came next.

A tall woman, dressed in a black latex uniform, was entering the
stage. She was leading a big black dog on a leash. “Good evening,
Martha”, said the man on the microphone. Martha grinned and made
courtesies to the audience and the invisible host. Bob looked at
Roberta and saw the terror in her eyes. “N…. no please master….”
she managed to sob. “I hope you remember that no hesitation will be
allowed, pig” the man said. “Y… y… yes master this pig
remembers…. mas..ter” she cried meekly.

“Dear guests,” the man said, “it’s no secret that Betty has taken
black cock up her ass before. But you might be pleased to know, this
is gonna be her first date with a dog.”

The audience cheered aloud. Bob noticed that a lot of sex was going on
in the room. Several women were on their knees sucking, or jerking the
men. Of course. The waitress at his feet rubbed his cock, teasingly,
with a wicked smile on her pretty face. “Do you like what you see…
Sir? The poor shy bride and that well hung muscular big dog?” Bob
closed in eyes in pleasure as her hand ran gently over his swollen
prick. “Do you want me to suck you again while you watch her please
the dog against her will?”

The waitress was rubbing her pussy, too. Bob could not resist. “Y…
yes I want it” he murmured, in a whisper. “What… will she do?”

“Uhm, I dunno, sir,” the waitress replied with a mock girlish voice.
“I guess she’s gonna take the dog’s cock in her mouth, cunt and-or
ass, sir, and that she’s going to receive his cum too. Dog cum usually
looks sexy on whores’ faces sir, so if you want to bet, my bet is on a
good dog cum facial”. The girl giggled, and licked the tip of Bob’s

Martha was holding a crop, and she was, too, very sexy in the short
latex dress. She too wore stockings and heels. Rick was still pumping
Roberta’s ass, but slowed down. “So, Betty, I guess you have never
touched a dog before,” said the man. “N… no master” she sobbed. “No
master what?” the man teased her. “No… master this pig never touched
a dog.”

“Take his cock in your hand, then, and rub it slowly.”

Roberta extended her hand, sobbing loudly. She closed her gloved
fingers around it, and began to jerk the dog slowly and gently. She
looked desperate, and yet so sexy… doing such a nasty thing with a
black cock still pistoning her ass.

“Tell King how much you love him and how badly you need his cock and
cum. Tell him he has a wonderful cock. Tell him you love his powerful
cock more than you like your hubby’s small prick.”

“Please….” she sobbed, but knew better than disobey. Bob felt the
waitress resume her blowjob while Roberta was whispering to the dog:
“i… love you so much… King… i need your cock in my cunt… your
cum… i love your wonderful, big cock… you’re so bigger than my

“Now lick it and say you want to marry him, and you want him to fill
your pig cunt with hot sperm every day of your life.”

Roberta was completely lost in degradation. “i… want to marry you…
King” she whispered, as she fought her repulsion and began to lick
him. Her voice was trembling. “i… want your cum to fill my pig
cunt… every day of my… life…”

The dog was obviously trained – Martha probably being his trainer. He
was also obviously enjoying what he was getting.

“That’s good, pig,” the man said. “Now you have find the boy you want
to marry, and you know what whores do to please their boyfriends. What
is that you do on your first date, Betty?”

“This pig… sucks her boyfriends on her first date…” she sobbed.
“But please….”

“Oh yes, sure. To begin with. Go ahead, then.” The man’s voice was
steel cold.

Rick helped Roberta a bit further, without withdrawing from her ass.
She held the dog’s cock and reluctantly took it in her mouth. Bob felt
his cock throb… seeing her sexy, red painted lips taking that black,
monstruous thing. Martha checked that Roberta was doing everything
right… and waited until King begin to pump in her mouth, which he
did very soon. He began to fuck her mouth fast. Roberta kept her eyes
closed, moaning and crying, as Rick pushed faster and deeper in her

Then, Martha squatted down beside the bride, lowered the top of
Roberta’s dress, and undid the strings of her corset, pulling her
young, full, white tits out. The audience cheered when they saw
Roberta’s wonderful tits hanging down. The tall woman giggled and
began to pull on her nipples hard, as if she wanted to pull them to
the floor. “God,” she said, “this cow’s nipples are so erect, I can
tell you she loves the taste of dog cock.” Roberta moaned as her
nipples were crushed and hardly pulled, and the two cocks fucked her
ass and mouth. “I think she deserves a little punishment for getting
so aroused at sucking dogs” said Martha, fetching a pair of alligator
clips, which she showed to the audience. The clips seemed to have very
strong springs and very sharp teeth. OIne by one, Martha applied the
clips to her tender, swollen nipples, a loud moo-like moan escaping
from Roberta’s busy mouth for the intense pain. More applause. Then
Martha fetches two large mousetraps. “More punishment for the cow’s
tits?” Again, cheers, encouragement, applause. Martha grinned and
opened the mousetraps. She forced them around her tits, and they
snapped close, biting her tits about at the middle.

Roberta let out a loud moan of pain. Rick was pumping very hard and
was obviously about to cum. Martha noticed that, looked at the man on
the microphone – whoever and wherever he was, Bob still had no idea –
and pushed the dog back. Roberta gagged and coughed as soon as King’s
cock left her mouth. She was breathing hard.

“Rick needs to cum. Where do pigs get their loads, Betty?” teased the
man on the microphone.

“Pigs… like me… get cum on their faces… ” muttered Roberta.

“Correct. Rick, do the bride what she deserves.

Rick grinned and stepped before Roberta. He lowered the candid veil
until it covered her face. Then, he pushed the head of his cock
against it, jerking himself fast. His huge load began to shoot through
the veil on her face. Several men in the audience were cumming too.
Bob noticed that a couple of girls were walking amidst the audience
holding large glass bowls in their hands. His eyes turned to his
fiancee… big droplets of Rick’s cum were running down her cheeks to
the floor. More shots hit her nose, and hair. That black guy really
had a big load in store. Bob had never seen so much cum at once,
except in porn movies.

Roberta extended her tongue to receive some of the fresh sperm,
flowing through the veil, directly in her mouth.

Martha was now leading the dog behind Roberta. While Rick was shooting
the last drops, and then rubbing his cock through the veil on
Roberta’s cum covered pretty face, Martha directed King to mount the
kneeling girl. Roberta realized the dog was climbing over her and
begged her “master” not to do this… invain, of course. The dog
positioned himself and was soon pumping, his big black prick sliding
fast and easy in her cunt. “Oh, this cow is so moist King is hardly
feeling her cunt at all,” said Martha, who was supervising the action.

“Tell King you want his cum in your cunt… tell him you want to be
made pregnant by his wonderful cock,” ordered the man. Nonsense as it
was, Roberta obeyed: “King… please… i want your cum in my cunt….
i want you to make me pregnant with your wonderful cock….” And
nonsense as it was, this made Bob’s cock begin to throb.

The girls holding the bowls walked to Roberta. Bob realized that they
had been collecting sperm from the men in the audience. He confusely
wondered why no one had come to collect his. One of the girls seized
Roberta’s hair and forced her to turn her face to the ceiling. “Open
that cumdrinking mouth, cow” the girl said. Roberta, her sexy face a
mess of cum and tears, opened her lips. The girl began to pour the
contents of the bowl on her face. It was a huge, unbelievable, thick
blob of seed, dripping onto her face. The dog was still pumping her
cunt. “Swallow as much as you can, cow,” the girl ordered. Roberta
tried her best to obey, despite the obvious repulsion. But it was too
much. Big rivlets fell along her cheeks and throat to her tits and to
the floor, in big sticky drops. The upper part of her dress was a mess
of yellow stains.

The view of his fiancee’s face all covered in strangers’ cum sent Bob
very close to climaxing. The waitress noticed that, and suddendly
stopped her sucking, withdrawing from his cock. “Pl… please let me
cum….” he pleaded. “You can’t cum in my mouth, unfortunately,” she
said, teasingly. “Perhaps you want to jerk yourself off.” “Please…
please you do it…” The sensuous girl had a wicked grin, and wrapped
her fingers around his painfully hard cock.

The dog was now panting very hard; his furry ass began to shake
frantically behind Roberta’s round buttocks. “King is coming,” Martha
announced. Roberta closed her eyes, biting her lips, and couldn’t help
but letting out a weak cry of horror when she felt the animal fluid
warming the inside of her sex. Again the audience applauded, as the
big dog withdrew, a thin line of sperm dripping from the girl’s abused

The waitress began pumping Bob’s cock. He was too near to climax to
realize that she was pointing his cock upwards… as his prick began
to shoot, large warm drops fell on his undone trousers and his shirt.
It was the largest load he could remember to have ever had. And he was
in a mess. He slowed down, breathing hard, as the waitress took him in
her mouth again. The show wasn’t over yet.

It was time for the second bowl. The girl who was holding it had
fetched a plastic funnel, which she showed to the audience, causing
more cheers and applause. Meanwhile, Martha had positioned herself
before Roberta’s face. She seized her hair and forced her to look up.
“You are a mess, cum pig,” she said coldly. “I think I will pee on
your face to wash you up a little.”

“Y… yes mistress thank you mistress…” was Roberta’s reply.

Martha pulled her skirt up. She was wearing no underwear, and her
mound was completely shaven. Spreading her legs, she forced Roberta’s
face upwards. “Problem is, I don’t have the stimulus right now. I
think some clit licking by a cum dog could be of some help.”

“Y.. yes mistress…” the girl murmured again. She stuck her tongue
out, and began to lap the other woman’s clit obediently. Martha nodded
to the girl with the bowl and funnel, who spread Roberta’s ass cheeks,
and slapped her anus twice. Then, she inserted the funnel in her
tender puckered hole. “Here comes a good cum enema for my doggie”,
Martha said. The girl grinned and began pouring the sticky fluid
through the funnel right into Roberta’s anus. Cum soon began to drip
down her anus to her engorged, sore cunt. “Fingerfuck yourself, pig”
Martha ordered. Still licking on the mistress’ clit, Roberta began to
pump two fingers inside her pussy. With each shove, her fingers
collected some of the dripping cum and pushed it into her cunt.

Bob was getting hard again, seeing his sweetheart raped to the extreme
limits of humiliation. He was in a state of complete daze. He couldn’t
control, nor understand, his emotions. He realized that his hardon was
back, and that for some reason beyond understanding he was happy to
see Roberta get what she was getting. It felt like a dream fulfilled,
although, God forbid, he had never dreamed that, nor anything even
close to that.
Once or twice he had imagined making her please some of his friends,
that was all. But in a sense, he couldn’t conceal – not even to
himself – that in a strange way, he was loving every second of what
was going on.

“Good,” said Martha, pushing her face back. “Stick that sexy tongue of
yours out, pig, I’m going to give you my precious piss.”

“Yes mistress” Roberta replied, obeying. Martha put her right knee on
the girl’s back, balancing herself to direct her stream onto her face,
and released the warm golden rain. Her pee began to pour on the
kneeling girl’s face and into her open mouth. The other girl was now
slapping Roberta’s ass cheeks hard and loud while the poor girl pumped
her cunt with her fingers. After splashing her face with her hot
urine, Martha seized Roberta’s hair and forced her to glue her mouth
to her crotch, pissing directly into her throat. The audience – as
well as Bob – could see Roberta swallowing fast as Martha moaned in
pleasure and the other girl smacked her ass furiously. Some of the
mistress’ urine was dripping from Roberta’s full mouth down her neck
to her trapped, clipped big tits.

When Martha was finished, she turned her back to Roberta. “I’d like to
have you pig lick my asshole, now,” she ordered. Roberta obeyed, while
the waitress withdrew from Bob’s cock and began pumping his penis in
her small pretty hand again. “Do you want me to let you cum?” she
asked. “Y… yes please” murmured Bob, his eyes fixed on Roberta. “I’d
love to have your cum on my face,” the waitress teased, “but first I’d
like to hear you say that the poor girl there is a filthy dogfucking
cow. Please… tell me…” she purred. Bob didn’t understand… and he
knew he shouldn’t do that… but he was no longer in control. “She
is…” “You know her name, sir, use it,” the waitress teased him

Suddendly, Bob realized that they knew who he was. Not even for a
moment he thought he was to use the name “Betty”. All he wanted now
was to cum again. “Roberta… Roberta is a filthy dogfucking cow….”
he moaned.

The waitress smiled and pumped on his cock hard and fast, lapping at
its head seductively. A few strokes were enough for him to start
shooting. Again, the waitress directed his cock so that it would shoot
on his clothes.

It took a while for Bob to come back to reality from the huge climax.
When he opened his eyes, the waitress had let go of his cock, and a
short man was standing beside her with a grin. As soon as the man
spoke, Bob recognise that was the man who had been talking to the
microphone. “Hello, mr. Riggs,” the man said.

“I am Peter Depoulos, Roberta’s boss. I think we should have a talk. I
have scheduled a meeting with you tomorrow at 3 p.m. in my office. I
think you know where our offices are.”

The man looked at Bob’s now limp, small cock and grinned again,
turning away and leaving Bob there.

Bob quickly redid his trousers, murmured something to the waitress,
and hurried towards the main door. While he was leaving, he heard
Depoulos’ voice, on the microphone: “now, dear guests, Roberta is
going to take a good bath before servicing you all.”


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