Blackmailed secretary (2001), p.7 – Pervert agreement

“Ah, Mr. Riggs, welcome. Mr. Depoulos is waiting for you.”

Depoulos’ personal secretary announced Bob on the intercom and stood,
showing the way. She opened the heavy door that led to her boss’
office. Bob thanked the secretary and stepped in. He had never felt
that nervous in his whole life.

Seeing Roberta standing by Depoulos’ desk made him even more nervous.
She looked gorgeous – a complete babe. She was wearing a tight black
buttoned cashmere top, emphasizing the generous curves of her breast.
Her shapely bottom and hips were wrapped in a grey above-the-knee
skirt. Light grey stockings, shiny black high heels, and a perfect
make up completed the picture. Bob’s heart sank as he realized she was
definitely the girl of his dreams. They looked at each other in
silence. They hadn’t had a chance to speak since last night.

“Welcome Bob,” said Mr. Depoulos. “Sit down and make yourself

Bob nodded and sat down in the chair before Depoulos’ desk. Only then
he recognized that Liza – the waitress of the night before – was there
too. She was dressed in a tight black dress, stockings and heels, and
as soon as he sat down, she moved to his side and just stood there.

“I was looking forward to meet you” said Depoulos, standing. He
stepped closer to Roberta, standing behind her. “You are a very lucky
guy, Bob, you’re going to marry a most beautiful girl.”

His hand traveled across Roberta’s belly to her breasts. Bob swallowed
hard as he saw Depoulos’ hand hold her left tit. “I think she gained
some weight, and that makes her big tits look even sexier, did you
notice?” He squeezed Roberta’s tits slowly. The way her nipples tensed
the fabric of the top revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Bob meakly shook his head no. Roberta blushed as she realized that her
boyfriend wasn’t going to put ut any resistance – he wasn’t going to
save her. In fact, Bob too was blushing and a bulge had already
appeared in his pants. “Can’t wait to see her become a pretty pregnant
wife with milk-oozing udders,” Depoulos went on, suddendly seizing her
left nipple through the fabric of her top and pulling on it hard,
causing a moan of pain and a squirm on Roberta’s part “she will have
to be milked like this….”

Depoulos reached with the other hand around her upper body to her
other breasts, and began pulling on her nipples alternately, like he
was milking a cow. He pulled very hard – almost as if he was trying to
tear her nipples from her body. Roberta bit her lower lip and moaned
in pain, trying to remain still as she was tortured by her boss.

“S… stop that” muttered Bob, but he couldn’t manage to sound very
compelling. Depoulos just grinned. He fetched a black latex glove and
wore it on his right hand. Then, he forced his hand under her skirt
before Bob’s eyes. “Look,” he said. Bob swallowed hard again. From
Roberta’s renewed squirming and moaning, there was little doubt as to
what her boss’ hand was doing.

Depoulos withdrew his hand and showed two fingers to Bob – the black
latex was shiny in Roberta’s juice. “That’s what she thinks about
being treated as a cow, Bob”.

Bob hesitated. “I… know” he muttered. Something had clicked inside
him. He didn’t really believe that Roberta wanted to be done what was
being doing to her. But pretending to believe it, for some reason, was
a very attractive way to go. This cleared all of his sense of guilt.

Liza took something from her purse and handed it to Depoulos,
returning immediately to her place. The object was a black plastic
cock of an obscene size. Depoulos forced his juice-covered fingers in
her mouth, holding the toy in the other hand. “This cunt really loves
to be raped,” he said, rubbing the plastic dong on her breasts through
her top. He then began unbuttoning her top, still pushing his fingers
deep inside her mouth. Bob was mesmerized, it was so erotic, her sweet
lips around those black latex fingers filling her mouth obscenely. She
was lovingly sucking on those fingers as he undressed her. When the
first buttons were undone, Bob realized that Roberta’s naked tits were
bound tightly by several loops of a thin rope. Depoulos pulled the her
unbuttoned top to the sides to reveal her bound beautiful breasts, and
placed the plastic dong between them. His eyes were fixed on Bob’s as
he began fucking her cleavage with the toy.

“Such a perfect whore cow” said Depoulos, teasing Bob. Then, he slided
the dong across Roberta’s belly to the hem of her skirt, and began to
pull it up slowly. Bob realized that somehow, Liza was there for him,
yet she would do nothing unless requested. He looked at her, needing
relief from the desperate hardness of his manhood. Liza smiled a
wicked smile to him and knelt beside him meakly, without saying a
word, placing her small hand on Bob’s knee.

Roberta’s skirt was now to her waist, and Bob could see her beautiful
hips, sexy stockinged thighs, and her shaved mound, which was arranged
in a sexy, obscene way. Roberta’s puffy cunt lips had been painted
with a brilliant red lipstick. Two small chains with alligator clips
at the ends connected the hem of her stockings to her labia, to force
them apart. The chains were short enough to pull on her cunt lips
stretching them a bit even when her legs were not widely parted.

“Do you like the way your bride’s pig cunt has been adorned, Bob?”
asked Depoulos teasingly, pushing his middle finger in her hole.

“Oh… yes” Bob replied.

Depoulos grinned and slapped Roberta’s inner thighs. “Open your cum
hole, pig,” he ordered. She spreaded her legs obediently in response,
the clips stretching her labia as she did. Depoulos placed the head of
the fake cock against her lipsticked entrance, and pushed in slowly.
Bob saw the tip of the plastic cock disappear in her cunt, as her
painted labia adjusted around its huge size. Then, the boss began to
fuck her hole roughly and deeply with the huge black thing. Bob was
blushing and slightly trembling as he reached for Liza’s hand and
nervously pulled it closer to his crotch. Liza simply smiled and let
him do it. Her hand began to rub his erect manhood through the fabric
of his pants.

Depoulos continued fucking Roberta’s cunt with the dildo and her mouth
with his gloved hand for a while. Then, he switched to placing the
dildo in her mouth – “Yes, your bride is a cow and she loves to be
raped and degraded” he was saying – and his fingers roughly up her
cunt – “or at least, I love to rape her… in every hole…”

Depoulos was now fucking both holes, at different rhythms. While the
dildo went in and out from her stretched mouth slowly and deeply, his
fingers moved at a fast pace, pushing deep, as his palm pushed against
her clit.

“I’m sure you love to see this sexy bitch raped too, Bob. She is too
beautiful,” the man teased Bob. Bob didn’t reply this time. Liza began
to rub his cock harder.

Depoulos stopped using her mouth and cunt and pushed her to the corner
of his desk. Then he forced her to bend over, her upper body resting
on the desktop. She was placed at the right angle to let Bob see her
face but her ass too. Depoulos parted her asscheeks and began slapping
the big dong onto her crack. “Would you like to see your bride take it
up her ASS now Bob. This huge thing just filled her cunt, think how
good will it look pushed into her tight anus. Would you like it?”

Bob didn’t reply. The big plastic dong made slapping sounds as it hit
Roberta in her crack across her tender anus.

“It’s simply too big, Bob,” Depoulos continued. “This will tear the
bitches ass apart. You should stop me from doing that. But, I know,
it’s too erotic to see a cow being raped in her ass like I will be
doing now, isn’t it?”

Bob nodded.

“I can order your bride to look at you while she takes it up her ass.
I might even order her to smile to you, or perhaps you prefer to see
the pain and degradation in her beautiful face. Is this what you want,

“Y… yes” Bob muttered. He looked at Liza, and added: “pl… please
suck me…”

Liza smiled again, again without a word. Depoulos slapped Roberta’s
ass. “You heard your hubby, cow, he wants you to look into his eyes as
I tear your ass apart. Look at him.”

He placed the big dildo against her tender puckered hole. Roberta’s
sweet, tear-filled eyes locked on her future husband’s.

“If you want Liza to suck you,” Depoulos continued, to Bob, “you have
to say that your bride is a kennel slut. You have to tell *her*.”

“Y… yes please” murmured Bob. He looked into Roberta’s eyes, and for
a moment he was unable to speak. Then Depoulos began to push the
obscene plastic cock inside her. Bob looked straight into Roberta’s
eyes as they were filled by tears and she bit her lips…. “You… are
kennel slut” Bob murmured. He looked at Depoulos. “Please… please
let Liza suck me…”

“Ok, Bob, my waitress will suck you while I torture Roberta’s asshole.
I’ll actually add a little bonus to your amusement.”

Depoulos stuck half of the toy inside her anus and left it there.
Then, he fetched a pair of handcuffs and locked her wrists behind her
back. Next, he reached for his desktop lamp. It was a heavy lamp
secured to the desktop by a large vice at its base. The base happened
to be close to Roberta’s breasts. Depoulos unscrewed the vice a bit,
then seized the girl’s tits and brutally forced as much of them as he
could in the vice. Roberta moaned and pleaded

“no… no…” but did not dare look away from Bob, who was being
unzipped by Liza. Depoulos grinned and screwed the vice tight again,
crushing some of Roberta’s tit flesh, close to the base of the nipple,
in the device.

“Cows must be treated like animals, don’t they?” Depoulos asked to
Bob, with a grin. Bob nodded and muttered a weak “yes…” as Liza took
his cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Roberta felt her boss
seize and pull her hair to force her to arch her back so that her tits
were stretched, and cried out in agony – then the boss began to push
on the toy roughly, forcing it inch by inch in her asshole.

“Tell Roberta she is a whore cow and deserves to be used like an
animal,” Depoulos ordered to Bob. The young man held Liza’s head in
his hands, lost in the intense pleasure – “you are a whore… a cow…
you deserve to be treated like an animal” he said.

Depoulos grinned and began to fuck her asshole while pulling on her
hair. The bound girl was squirming, moaning, crying, fucking back on
the dildo, looking at Bob – only dimly aware through the intense pain
and dispair. Her boss finally shoved most of the dildo inside her ass
and left it there again, slapping her naked exposed cunt hard.

When Bob was close to cumming, Liza suddendly withdrew from his cock,
and held it in her hand, jerking him, his cock pointing at her pretty
face. Depoulos noticed that change and decided that the show was over.
“Cum now, pig” he ordered, slapping her cunt harder.

Roberta knew she had to obey. No matter how intense the pain and
humiliation, she had to cum. She focused on the sensations of her
pussy and asshole and began to swing her hips to the slapping – till
she convulsed in a big climax. Bob closed his eyes seeing her
climaxing, and moaned aloud as he began spurting on Liza’s face –
another huge load of cum. Liza didn’t stop to jerk him, giving his
cock longer and longer strokes – holding it tighter and tighter – with
each spurt.

When Bob opened his eyes again, Depoulos was releasing Roberta’s tits
from the lamp vice. The huge toy was still buried into her asshole. He
forced her to stand. Liza stood too, approaching Roberta, with Bob’s
cum all over her face. “Lick her clean,” Depoulos ordered to Roberta.
The girl, her beautiful face still wet with her tears, bent forward
and began to lick her fiancee’s cum from Liza’s cheeks, lips, and
chin. Bob instinctively zipped his pants.

“Good job, pig,” commented Depoulos when Liza’s face was clean. Liza
returned to her place, standing beside Bob, as Depoulos sat down on a
chair in front of Bob. “Now, let’s talk about business” he said.
“Roberta, pig, kneel beside me, you will clean my feet while I have a
talk with Bobby.”

He removed his right shoe – he wore mocassins and no socks. Roberta,
her hands still handcuffed behind her back, bent down and began to
suck on his toes. As she had obviously been trained to do, she sucked
on each toe lovingly, and then began licking the space between them.

Depoulos grinned to Bob, “I never need to wash my feet since this cow
is in control. She cleans them perfectly. She is also a very nice
alternative to toilet paper. Do you like the idea of this whore cow
eating large chunks of shit directly from my ass, Bob?”

“Y… yes” was Bob’s reply. He was trembling now – he understood that
Depoulos’ intention were about to be revealed, and did not know what
to expect exactly. All he knew was that he had just experienced the
most erotic moment of his whole life. Guilty, but desperately,
completely pleased by what had just happened and by the way this
strong-willed older man was treating his wife-to-be.

Depoulos breathed in deep, and then said, “as you understand, this cow
is mine, my property. You understand that nothing will change this
state of facts; you don’t have a choice about it. Right?”

The man looked straight into Bob’s eyes.

“Yes…” he said.

“Good. Now, that’s where you do have a choice. You may simply walk out
on this fat assed girl sucking on my toes now, and leave her to her
fate. She will leave the life of a sextoy cow and you’ll never know
about her.”

Depoulos slapped the girl’s exposed ass, which was right beside Bob.

“Or maybe – second choice – you love this fat spankable cunt too much
and want to be beside her for the rest of your life. Get married
despite everything. Live with her. But since she is a slave, she could
only marry someone of my choice. Someone who will not create problems
or try to fight me. And that is, a slave hubby.”

Bob went pale. “Wh… what?”

“You will see Roberta again only if you accept my authority and
control. Only if you are willing to take orders from me exactly as the
cow does. If you accept this menage, I will allow you to marry the
bitch and to use her from time to time. Do you understand?”

Bob hesitated. “Y… yes” he murmured, nodding.

“Of course, I won’t be giving out my property – not now at least, and
not for free. You Bobby will be allowed to be her fiancee, but *I* and
I alone will be in control of her cunt, her tits, her ass, her mouth –
her body. I might let you use her – as you are doing now – but it will
always be solely up to me. Do you understand Bobby?”

“Yes…” he replied again.

“You will hold no right whatsoever on your fiancee and wife. I could
be sending three black men to fuck her holes in your bed on your
wedding night, if I choose to do so, or three big dofs for that
matter. I could order her to never fuck or suck or even kiss you. I
could even order *you* to suck a big black man before her eyes. And
you you will be granted use of the bitch only if you are a good boy
and deserve it. Do you understand this too?”


“Are you sure?”


“Roberta will never be a normal wife. She will be a whore slave wife,
and a whore mummy when she gets shot. She will suck her sons’ cocks
and eat her daughter’s cunt, if I feel like it. Would you like to see
Roberta with a baby cock in her mouth?”

Bob hesitated again. He realized there was *no* limit at all to what
Depoulos’ perverted mind would devise for them. Yet each word from
that stronger man managed to make his cock harder. “Yes… I would
like to see that,” he replied.

Depoulos grinned. “Oh, I see.” He bent over and pushed two fingers in
Roberta’s clipped cunt. “And you whore, do you want to suck your sons
like a good whore? Does it make your cunt wet?”

Roberta timidly replied, “yes… master… thinking of sucking her own
sons makes this pig’s cunt wet master.”

Depoulos nodded, withdrew his hand from her slippery cunt, faced Bob

“Now, make your choice, Bobby. Just remember, if you choose *not* to
be a good slave hubby, you will never even kiss her again. In fact,
you will not see her again at all. She will be moving to my house
today to live as a full time slave there.”

“And… and if I accept… where will she live?”

“It will of course be my choice, but I think you might live in a house
of your own. Of course, I will have the keys, free access, and will
control you both completely all the same.”

“I see” Bob murmured.

Good. Depoulos slapped Roberta’s ass again, louder than before. “And
your choice is?”

Bob hesitated. If he didn’t agree, he would be back to his life – a
normal life. He knew he would be masturbating for years thinking of
what happened today. If he did agree, on the other hand, he would have
more of this – more and more of this, more than he could even imagine
now. Shameful as it was, there was little doubt as to what his heart

“I…. agree” he murmured.



“Say, yes master.”

“Yes… yes master.”

Depoulos grinned. “Lick her cunt now, feel how wet this cow has got
hearing us.”

Bob hesitatingly slided off his chair, squatted behind her, bent
forward and licked her sloppy cunt as requested, tasting her wetness,
something he had never did before. “Is the cow wet?” asked Depoulos.
“Yes,” Bob replied. “Yes what?” “Yes… master”. Depoulos nodded.
“Lick the ring of her anus.” Bob obeyed, circling his tongue around
the base of the black plastic cock buried inside her. “This fuckpig
loves to have her anus licked. Now sit down again, Bobby.”

Bob murmured “yes master” and sat back on his chair. He realized that
every time he said “master” he felt something in his cock. He looked
at Depoulos, who was now withdrawing his foot from Roberta’s mouth and
putting his shoe back on.

“Now, Bobby, the economic part of it.”

Bob nodded, listening to his new master.

“To seal our agreement, as soon as possible, all of your money will be
transferred to an account of my choice. Roberta already complied with
this. Further, all of your future incomes will be transferred directly
to that same account. You will only use what money I decide to give
you, and you will spend it as I instruct you to spend it. Do you

Bob heart was beating fast now. It seems all so absurd. Yet he heard
himself mutter, “yes, master.”

“I know you are paying for your new house. Never worry about it, I
will deal with the mortgage. In fact, I want you to lead a comfortable
life, but whatever you get, you will get from me and me alone.”

“Yes… master.”

“Very good.” Depoulos pulled Roberta’s hair to force her to kneel
straight. He caressed her beautiful lips. “Now, Bob, I want you to do
something to prove that you are serious about this. It’s going to be
something very easy, to begin with. Ok?”

“Yes master.”

The boss nodded. “Good. I want to use your bride mouth, Bobby, I want
to put my cock into it and fuck it until I fill it with my cum.” He
paused, watching Bob intently, letting his words sink. “And I want you
Bobby to put my cock into your bride mouth. Will you be a good slave
and put your master’s cock into your girl’s mouth so that I can dump
my cum into it?”

Bob was blushing a brilliant red now, but he nodded meekly. “Yes
master, I will” he said.

“Kneel here.”

Bob again left his chair, this time to kneel for the first time before
his master. Depoulos slapped Roberta’s ass and she crawled aside,
facing him on her knees. “Go ahead, Bobby,” said Depoulos, “unzip me
and pull it out.”

Bob extended his trembling hands and undid and unzipped Depoulos’
pants. Depoulos was wearing black boxers; Bob timidly undid their
buttons, feeling his hardness against his fingers. Of course, it was
the first time he ever unzipped another man and felt another man’s
cock. He reached for Depoulos’ hard shaft and pulled it out, realizing
how bigger Depoulos was. “What am I going to do to your cow bride,
Bobby? Tell me.”

“You… are going to have her suck you, master.”

“Yes, I am going to fuck her mouth. Is my cock bigger than yours,

“Y… yes master, much bigger, master.”

“And do cows need big cocks?”

“Yes master, they do need big cocks.”

“Good. So you can feed her with my cock,” said Depoulos, but suddendly
changed idea. “No wait. First give it a lick, Bobby. You are a slave
to my cock as much as your bride is. Give it a long slow lick.”

Bobby hesitated. He wasn’t gay, not even bi, or at least, he never
thought he was. But he knew that wasn’t the point now: what was being
tested wasn’t his sexual taste, but his submission. He bent forward.

“Look into Roberta’s eyes as you do it, Bobby.”

Bob muttered “yes master” once again, and looked at Roberta, as he
sticked his tongue out and slowly licked his master’s cock. Depoulos
laughed. Bob’s tongue ran slowly from Depoulos’ balls to his cock
head, as Bob blushed. “Oh, you are a sexy cocklicking girl, Bobby,
aren’t you. Tell Roberta what her groom is”.

“Y… your groom is a sexy… cocklicking girl” Bob murmured.

Depoulos laughed again. “Go ahead, now, give it to the cow.”

Bob nodded and directed Depoulos’ huge cock to Roberta’s mouth. She
parted her lips – the lips he had kissed in so many romantic moments –
and took that big shaft, letting it slide slow and deep.

“Roberta, please me – but the head only.”

Roberta began bobbing her head very slightly – her lips massaging the
head of her master’s cock back and forth.

“You know, Bob, I won’t cum like this. I need you to jerk my cock
until I shoot my sperm in your wife’s mouth.”

Bob blushed as some tears appeared in his eyes. He began to pump
Depoulos’ cock slowly. He realized he was teasing a stranger to make
him cum in his future wife mouth – in the mouth of his once innocent
sweetheart. That was so degrading. But his own cock was getting hard
on this, adding to his degradation.

Bob didn’t speak, still pumping on the other man’s cock.

“Hmmm…. Now hold your wife head and masturbate my cock with her
mouth. Be sure to make her take it deep.”

Bob seized Roberta’s hair and began pushing and pulling on her head.

“You will do the same to other men too, and it’s going to be her cunt
or ass, too. You will milk cocks to spurt cum in her cunt. Do you like
the idea Bobby?”

“Yes… master…”

Depoulos was breathing harder and obviously getting closer to climax.
He withdrew, and Roberta opened her mouth to receive her master’s cum.
“Pump me Bobby” the man commanded. Bob obeyed, jerking the pulsating
cock until it began to shoot in Roberta’s waiting mouth.

“Do not swallow, pig,” ordered Depoulos.

Several large shots filled Roberta’s mouth. “Kiss her Bobby”.

Bob hesitated. Depoulos noticed his feelings. “Kiss her passionately
or kiss her goodbye. Give this cow a deep tongue kiss” he said.

Bob closed his eyes and obeyed. Roberta stuck her cum covered tongue
for a french kiss, and Bob accepted it. The taste of cum was foul –
yet he endured it.
The idea of tasting another man’s sperm should have disgusted him –
and it did, but also aroused him somehow. He felt on the lowest level
of surrender to degradation.

“Very good” said Depoulos, “now rub my cock on Roberta’s face till
it’s clean.”

Bob again held Depoulos’ cock, while Roberta bent forward to allow him
to comply with that order. Submissively, the young man rubbed this
stranger’s shaft on his beautiful fiancee’s face. When Depoulos
thought he was clean enough, he ordered Bob to redo his pants.

“You may leave now, Bobby. Go home and jerk yourself, I know you’re
dying to be alone with that small prick of yours throbbing in your
hands. Leave us alone. Roberta has several more duties here, today.”

“Y… yes master”, said Bob, standing and turning towards the door. He
stepped out, leaving his fiancee with the man who was the sole owner
of her body. Heading for home, and for his first afternoon as a hubby


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