Blackmailed secretary (2001), p. 2 – Daddy’s girl led astray

Roberta was typing. She had got her dressing instructions for the day,
and followed them. She featured five-
inches black stiletto heels, white stockings and garterbelt, a white
lace g-string, no bra, a silk white blouse
revealing her nipples, and a cream-colored business suite comprising
above the knee skirt and a nice jacket.
She had to buy some of the items, and Depoulos made it clear that
cheap underwear and clothers would not
be tolerated. She looked so sexy. She had also gone to the stylist for
fine makeup and hairstyle. She looked
gorgeous. She was perfumed and sexy for her boss. Inconsciounsly, she
thought that if she was very sexy,
as she could be, as she was today, Depoulos would have been led to
just use her that she could avoid
pain and humiliation. She was wrong about this.

Her intercom rang at mid morning. It was him. “In my office bitch.”
“Yes Sir” she replied, and quickly
walked down the corridor to that frightening door. She timidly
knocked, and stepped in.
He was sitting at his desk. Roberta went pale as she read the look in
his cold eyes. She was about to
be scolded for something. She had no idea what that was. She took a
few steps and stood before his desk.
“Yes… Sir?” she meekly asked. Her big green eyes were full of
apprehension. “Guess what I heard, bitch”,
he coldly said. Roberta had been recalling everything she did since
yesterday – she really had no idea what
was her fault. “I don’t know… Sir… really” she muttered.

“Mr. Parker was using your computer yesterday when you came back from
a coffee break. He said
you told him you had to work and to please log off and give your
computer back to you.” Roberta nodded.
Parker was a 55 years old, unsufferable colleague who seemed to be
always making his best to put
her into trouble. He probably had a thing with beautiful young girls,
possibly some paranoic obsession about
them getting their careers too easily. He would often slightly (and
not so slightly) insult her. They had come
to words a few months ago, when he was talking to a friend about a
promotion he was waiting for invain,
and had added, “Of course I don’t have this”, and had slapped her ass.
That happened before some of
Roberta’s best friends in the office, and some almost strangers too,
and she got simply crazy. She slapped
his face and shouted at him. Since then, there had always been
electricity in the air when they were in the
same room.

“Yes… Sir… I did”. Depoulos nodded. “Do you think you had any
right to do that?” Roberta was
confused. “Well… I… I need my computer to do my job… and…” He
grinned. “Ok, you just don’t get it.” He
said. “Show me your cunt.”

Roberta blushed and reached for the hem of her skirt, raising it over
her shapely legs to her waist.
Then she parted the crotch of the thong. She was shaved. Her slit was
smooth and very sexy. Depoulos
looked at it, then met her eyes again. “You have *no* right
whatsoever, since yesterday, in this company.
You don’t have the right to send someone off your computer. You don’t
have the right to protest if someone
uses your phone, slaps your ass during a coffee break or even if
someone comes to your table with his cock
out or spits on your desktop. Is that clear?” Roberta sadly nodded.
“Yes Sir, it is clear Sir” she replied.
“Spread your legs bitch, and open your cuntlips. I shouldn’t have to
tell you.” She parted her sexy
stockinged legs, felt the cool air on her exposed pussy as she reach
with her hands to open it for her boss.
“I will spread this information, that anything can be done to or with
you, through the office in the way that I
see fit. You are never to ask for someone to do or don’t do anything.”

He smiled as his gaze ran down her legs. “Does your boyfriend fuck
your ass whore”. “N… no Sir” she
meekly replied. He grinned. “He must be a gay or a wimp if he endures
being engaged with a whore and
does not even use her for what she’s worth. Were you fucked up your
ass at all?” Again, “n.. no Sir never”
was her reply. Depoulos nodded. “Do you think Mr. Parker would fuck
your ass, given the opportunity?
Would he care to take your sexy virgin ass? And enjoy it?” Roberta’s
eyes went to the floor. There was little
doubt. “Yes Sir, I think he would, Sir…” she hesitated, then gave
her full slave answer: “he would enjoy
fucking my virgin ass Sir”.

“So we have the opportunity to put the slut in use. Remove your thong
so it doesn’t get in the way.”
Roberta felt tears begin to form in her eyes, as she reached for the
waistband of her thong. “Please… please
Sir don’t let him do this to me… Sir” she sobbed, but lowered her
thong and stepped out of it. Depoulos
raised his phone. “Lean over my desk, jutting your sexy virgin ass out
Roberta lowered her upper body, learning onto her boss’ shiny wooden
desktop. He heard his voice.
“This is Depoulos. Can you meet me in my office in ten minutes, be
alone, Miss Brady is willing to apologise
for her behavior.” She trembled, her naked round ass on display and
waiting for punishment. Depoulos
stood from his chair and moved slowly towards her. He stood behind her
and began fondling her naked
asscheeks. “When was the last time you were spanked, bitch. How old.”
Roberta shivered at the strong
touch of his hands. “I think I was about sixteen Sir”. He slapped her
inner thighs. “Fuckigs keep their legs
PARTED unless told otherwise, cumwhore”. She parted her legs more.
Bending over the desk as she was,
she now displayed her freshly shaved pussy as much as her ass. He
slapped her left asscheek hard, a loud
smack! echoing in the silent room, punctuated by her weak cry. “When
Mr. Parker comes in, you will be
*very* seductive. You will sway your ass in the air like a kitty in
heat and patently rub your clit.” Another
slap… on her right asscheek… another weak cry escaping from her
lips. “Yes Sir” Another slap… “You will
beg Mr. Parker to forgive you and offer your asshole to him as a
compensation for your rude behavior
yesterday. You will beg him to fuck your ass hard and deep.” Another
hard slap. “I didn’t hear you bitch.”
The thought was simply unbearable. She had always been afraid of anal
sex. She was grateful to Bob for
never asking it. She associated it with the ideas of pain and
degradation. And yet she knew that was what
she was in for now. “Yes… Sir” she nodded. There came another loud
slap. “And you won’t cum, whatever
he does to you, and however good he is at doing that.” “Y… yes Sir”.

“Now, I want you to get prepared for this. Reach between those sexy
whore thighs and push your
middle finger deep into your slut cunt.” Roberta complied, her
trembling hand reaching to her sex, her
finger digging into herself. He held her hand and forced a steady
rhythm to her self fingerfucking. “Keep it
like this until you get very wet. Tell me when you are.”

How could she get wet at all… but as soon as he let go of her hand,
and she was fingerfucking herself
fast and deep as ordered, she was shocked to feel her finger sliding
in more and more easily. She closed
her eyes, bit her lips, began to moan and felt her juices begin to
flow. She would have try to conceal her
state of arousal, but there he was, actually waiting for this. She
couldn’t displease him. “I am very wet
Sir”. Her words seemed to come from someone else. “Good, bitch. Now
stick that finger up your ass.”

She withdrew her finger. She thought it would not get in. She found it
hard at first, but as soon as he
slapped her again, it entered her most private hole. She pushed it in,
biting her lips with the little pain.
Depoulos nodded. “Alternate between cunt and ass until I tell you to
stop”. He fetched his digital camera
and placed it on the chair behind her. “Don’t cheat bitch, my camera
is recording everything.” With that, he
went back to sit on his chair. “Look at me and tell me what are you
doing, whore. Keep me informed about
where your finger is.” He lit a cigarette. She turned her beautiful
eyes to him. “I… am fingering my pussy…
my cunt, sorry my cunt now Sir” she murmured. He nodded. “And does it
feel good”. “Yes Sir it feels
good”. He smiled. “I am fingering my ass now Sir…. it feels good

He grinned. “You are very different from the decent and shy girl you
thought you were, aren’t you
bitch.” “Yes Sir” “You like to have things in your ass. And you’re
gonna have your ass fucked by the cock
of a guy who could be your father. Isn’t that true, bitch.” “Y… yes
bitch.” “As I’m taping your encounter, I
want it to be as sexy as possible. I want you to call Mr. Parker
daddy. I want you to think it’s your daddy
fucking your ass. If you happen to call him by his real name, you get
a *very* hard punishment. So you will
better honestly think about your dad fucking you. Anyway, those who
see the video will surely think it is
your father pushing into your ass. Do you understand bitch?”

“Yes Sir I understand..”

“You are not telling me about your finger bitch. Do you enjoy
punishment so much?”

“My finger is in my… cunt Sir, and it feels good”
“Who will be fucking your ass in two minutes bitch?”
“My father will Sir” (pause) “My finger is in my asshole Sir, and it
feels good”.
“Daddy’s gonna fuck his whore daughter’s ass?”
“Yes.. Sir daddy will fuck his whore daughter… his whore daughter’s
ass Sir. My finger is in my cunt
now, and it feels good Sir”

Someone knocked at the door. All of her body tensed with the
realization that someone else would
now witness what she was doing – see her naked ass, see her naked
pussy, see her fingering herself like a
whore. “Mr. Depoulos, it’s me” said Parker’s voice from behind the
door. Depoulos grinned as he watched
the embarassment on her face. “Come on in.”

As the door opened, Parker started at the sight. He quickly closed the
door behind himself. “What a
sight,” he grinned. He walked across the room. Depoulos grinned back
at Parker, then turned to look into
her eyes. “Come on Roberta, you may apologize to daddy now.” Parker
and Depoulos looked to each other
in silent complicity. Parker moved behind Roberta. His lustful gaze
ran from her inviting ass and pussy, down
her gorgeous stockinged legs to her sexy calves and heels. He looked
at Depoulos and, as the boss’ smile
gave him the authorization, began to fondle her round asscheeks. He
seemed to realize only now that she
masturbating. Roberta sucked in air, then, keeping her beautiful
pleading eyes in contact with her boss’, she
began to plea. “Please, daddy… let me apologize by giving you my
ass… to fuck daddy”. She began to rotate
her hips sinuously, offering herself as blatantly as she could.
Depoulos nodded and gestured her to go
ahead, as Parker laughed out cruelly. “Oh, I see the bitch has changed
attitude,” he sarcastically
commented, slapping her ass, then fondling it again. “Please…” she
began anew, as Parker’s hands felt her
thighs, sliding into the hem of her stockings, manipulating her young
flesh hungrily, “please take your
daughter’s ass hole now… fuck it hard and deep… please” Depoulos
shook his head. “You can do better,
Roberta. Humiliate yourself to show how remorseful you are.”

She didn’t even wipe her tears. She still had her right hand between
her thighs, although she was no
longer masturbating; Parker’s hands were in the way, fondling and
massaging her displayed holes. She felt
his thick finger probing her entrance. “Please daddy let your whore
daughter have your cock in her slut
ass… please daddy…” Roberta was *actually* thinking of her daddy
fucking her ass now. She had given in
to Depoulos’ stronger will. She had submitted – unwillingly,
painfully, but she had entered subspace. She
heard Parker laugh and the sound of his zipper going down. Then she
felt his hot cock slip between her legs,
rub along her slit. God it had to be much bigger than Bob’s. “Ok bitch
let me take your ass then,” said
Parker. He was exhilarated by the unexpected things that were
happening. But he had known Depoulos for
much longer than her and was obviously sure he wasn’t joking. Perhaps
something like this had happened

“You should help him in, bitch, shouldn’t you”, suggested Depoulos.
“Yes… Sir” she muttered,
reaching with her hand to hold Parker’s cock. It *was* definitely
bigger of Bob’s, which, by the way, was the
only cock Roberta had ever touched. Through her adult life female
friends had often made fun of that,
suggesting she could not evaluate Bob without comparison. Here the
comparison was in her hand, this very
hot and fat cock she had wrapped her fingers around, belonging to a
man she called daddy, and about to
take her virgin ass. About to take what her sweetheart never had. She
felt like the cheapest and kinkiest of
all sluts as she helped it press against her asshole. Parker spitted
on his hand and smeared his spit on the
head of his cock. He added some of her juices as he began *pushing*.
Spit and her juice wasn’t much of a
lubrification, but god he was pushing *so hard*. She reached with her
left hand to her mouth to muffle a
scream… as the first inch entered, tearing her apart…

“Hmmmm. Oh god so tight.” Moaned Parker, obviously delighted, as he
shoved harder. Roberta
was not able to understand if Parker’s strength was unusual. She
remembered the difficulties Bob had had
when she was a virgin. And she was confusely aware that Parker was
doing something much harder… being
bigger and pushing on a tighter hole. Yet he was taking inch by inch
of her virgin ass. She now felt half of
his cock inside her. And she suddendly felt her abused hole began to
relax and surrender to the assault.
Parker felt it too, because he began to move his hips slowly back and
forth. Each thrust forward brought him
deeper inside her. And her ass was still relaxing – she couldn’t help
think she had been *opened*, and
would never be the same. She began to moan as he slowly progressed to
a steady fucking rhythm.
Depoulos leaned forward to caress her tear stained cheeks. “Unbutton
your blouse whore, I’d like to
see your udders bouncing”. Roberta reached to her buttons and undid
them obediently. Her large tits were
hanging, bouncing, scratching the desktop. “Pinch your nipples and
tell daddy how do you like his cock in
your ass Roberta.” She began to pinch and tease her tender nipples as
she breathed hard, sobbed, moaned,
and began to whisper “Y… yes daddy I love to feel your cock in my
ass.. please fuck my ass deep… It
feels so good…”

Parker was oblivious; in reaction to her purrs his cock gained
hardness and his thrusts gained force.
He was now pounding her ass to the deepest, exploring every inch with
his massive tool. His hands seized
her asscheeks and he squeezed them, his nails digging into her flesh
as he began to ride faster and faster
towards climax. Depoulos’ voice. “Tell daddy how much you crave for
his cum.” “Mmmm pllllease daddy…
give me your cummmm fffiilll my ass with your cum daddy

Parker let out a loud moan as he buried all of his cock into her. He
kept her pushed against him as his
cock throbbed hard – Roberta moaned aloud – “Yes… give me your
cum…” And she began to feel the hot
liquid splashing against the inside walls of her rectum (it felt like
a huge load) multiple shots, following
each other closely, as she felt the wetness deep inside her…
Depoulos chuckling as he watched his secretary
getting her ass filled with cum as she desperately pinched her
gorgeous tits… Obviously in need to cum…

Parker gave a few more thrusts to savour her tight hole again before
he withdrew slowly. His swollen
cock popped out of her ass and as it did Roberta could feel some of
his cum trickle down her crack to her
slit. It was the first time she felt cum on her shaved pussy. It was
so odd, so arousing. He polished his cock
onto her slit, then in the crack of her ass, then slipped into the hem
of her stockings and fucked her
stockings lazily. This also was something new to her – in fact she
very seldom wore stockings at all when
dating with Bob. The man liked it, as he let out a satisfied laugh as
his cock stiffened a bit again. Dirty
things – possibly they had been on her bf’s mind as well now and then,
and he didn’t put them in practice.

These men definitely had the chance to enjoy her much more than he
ever did. There were no limits they
had to put to their imagination. She felt so strange – her arse aching
– her pussy almost dripping…
Parker began to redo his trousers. “Thank you bitch”, he said to
Roberta. She didn’t dare to
move, waiting from orders from Depoulos. “It was your right, Henry”,
said Depoulos, “and it was fun to see
you in action.” Parker complimented again, slapped her ass once more,
and left. Depoulos leaned back in his
chair. “Is there cum dripping off your ass, dog?” he asked. “Yes sir
there is cum dripping off my ass sir.”
“Put your hand down there to collect it and stand.”

Roberta slowly stood, her hand to her arse. She could feel the warm
liquid dribble down on her palm.
She kept her legs parted both to help it flow off and to obey to
Depoulos’ earlier instructions. Her hand was
soon filled up with cum. “Unbutton your blouse and smear daddy’s cum
on your udders.” She swallowed and
did as requested. Depoulos watched her caress her large breasts and
that got him harder. It was now time
to enjoy the bitch himself. “Are you willing to drink me now, whore”
he rudely asked. “Yes sir” she softly
replied, as her hand still caressed her large breast. “Now, you
understand you have to earn it.” “Yes sir”
Depoulos nodded. “I’ll give you some advice about how to earn it, for
now. Later you’ll have to use your
fantasy to invite me to use your slut mouth.” “Yes sir” she muttered

Depoulos nodded. “Sit down,” he commanded, pointing at the empty chair
before his desk. She
quickly complied. “Now raise your knees and hold them up, spreading
your legs.” She obeyed again,
displaying her gaping pussy. Depoulos stood, taking his heavy wooden
ruler. “This is your cunt spanking
position, slave. This is a good starting position to beg for cum.
Spanking and beating your cunt makes my
cock hard and enhances your chances of drinking my precious sperm. You
should beg for me to do it. Let
me hear you beg now.”

Roberta felt tears running down her cheeks as she began praying,
unconsciously spreading her legs
further apart. “Please sir slap and beat my cunt with your ruler sir”
Depoulos looked into her
eyes. “Mmmm, good, humiliate your cunt whore. Choose better words to
let me know you are aware of what
your cunt is like.” Roberta began trembling. Using her own words was
so frightening. Strangely, she felt
shy about what she said, and much more so if it wasn’t by an explicit
order. “Please sir spank my dirty
whore cunt sir”. Depoulos stood before her and traced her lips with
his forefinger, then he pushed it in her
mouth. “You can do better, pig. Be careful, either you arouse me
quickly or you may lose your chance for
today, and the end of the week is coming” “Please…” she went on, her
words a bit muffled by his intruding
finger “please whip the low dirty cunt of this fucking pig, please
spank this cumhole sir.” “Let’s see,”
he teased her. “If I told you to collect my shit and push it in your
cunt would that be a proper use for your
hole Roberta?” “Yes sir” tears flowing “yes sir my cunt should be
filled with your shit sir, it is a pig’s
dirty hole and should be used as a shit and piss hole sir”

“Oh, that’s a good child. Do you think my dog would have fun sticking
his hard cock into this cunt
Roberta?” Her face went blank. She had no way of knowing if these
menaces would be realized or not. Yet
she had to reply. “Yes sir your dog make fun of my cunt sir” Depoulos
nodded, and held her
right knee. “Rub your clit.” She let go of her right knee and reached
for her sex, rubbing herself against her
will. “Now Roberta, what I’m most interested in is, would *you* like
being fucked hard and deep by my
dog.” She swallowed hard. Oh God. “Yes… sir… i would like… being
fucked by your dog sir”. She knew that
was a fantasy for some. She vaguely knew there were movies and
pictures of animal sex. She just hoped it
was just words… and would remain just words. She was trembling in
fear. “Rub yourself quicker and think of
yourself being fucked by a big dog before your daddy. Your *real*
daddy.” “Yes sir” she muttered, and as
her finger moved more quickly, the scene actually came to her mind,
although she would have thought of
anything else – just anything. “Once the dog cums in your cunt, tell
me what would that pervert bastard of
your daddy do. Would he kneel between your open legs?” “Yes sir he
would kneel between my legs.”
“And do what.” Oh God, she knew what he wanted to hear. He didn’t say
it, but she knew, and couldn’t
conceal it. She had to play his game. “He…” He slapped her face to
correct her. “He who.” “My daddy… my
daddy would kneel before me and eat the dog’s sperm from my cunt sir.”

Depoulos nodded with a grin. “You’re doing good, whore,” he said, “the
video will be fun to watch”
She went blank, tears in her eyes, lips trembling – the closed
circuit. “Let’s go on with it. Undo my pants.”
She raised her hands and undid his button, unwillingly. Then she
pulled the zipper down. She looked up at
him for direction and, as he made a gesture, undid his boxer and
pulled it out. Depoulos’ cock was hard and
big. “Good whore, now jerk me off very slowly with both hands as you
let me hear you say more arousing
things.” She wrapped her hands around his stiff cock, and began
massaging it sweetly. “Would you like to
see your daddy on all fours with a big dog above him, roberta. What
would you like to see the dog do him”
“Yes sir i would like to see a big dog above my daddy fucking him sir”
He grinned, savouring her
delicate hands. “Where would the dog fuck daddy.” “The dog would fuck
his ass sir” “Now, left hand to
your clit, and masturbate while you elaborate on that, loud voice. I
don’t care how you feel, but you must
look like you’re getting very very aroused fantasizing about dog and
daddy.” “Please… ” she began,
sobbing… but the idea of punishment came to her mind. She began to
rub her clit as she let her words flow.
She tried not to think. And there she was – “this… big dog pushing
his rock hard cock into daddy’s
asshole… taking him deep and fast… as he cries out in pain.. but
he moans like a bitch in heat
pushing back onto the dog, moaning and licking his lips like a girl
milking the
dog for cum…”

Depoulos was throbbing now. “You earned it bitch, suck me off.”

Roberta moaned “thank you sir” and eagerly began sucking on Depoulos’
cock. Rubbing her clit and
simulating arousal had put her mind in a state of bliss… she was now
feeling very hot, much to her
amusement and shame. Her mouth sucked hungrily on him, finishing the
work her hands had begun. “Don’t
swallow bitch” he commanded when he felt on the edge. She sucked him
fast and deep until Depoulos shot
his load down, filling her mouth. She didn’t swallow. He fucked a few
thrusts into her mouth, then withdrew
and cleaned himself on her cheeks. “Caress me, and look down at your
cunt”. She held it again and began
stroking it slowly again as she lowered her eyes down to her sex.
“Spit … let some of my cum on your
pussy – keep some to drink.” Roberta let some of her boss’ sperm
escape her lips, dripping down to her
waiting sex. Each drop gave her a shock of sensation – as the first
had hit her already over sensitized clit.
“Swallow the rest and smear my cum onto your clit until you cum

Cum – finally, she was ordered to cum – to give in completely to her
sluttish sensations. And the order
came as a relief she was happy to be allowed to cum – how could she be
that aroused in that terrifying
situation… her hand moved quick massaging her clit through the
sticky, warm liquid. And she came for her
master. She came hard, rubbing herself feverishly, closing her eyes,
moaning out loud.

Depoulos grinned again and switched the camera off. “You did good
today bitch, you’re showing your
true self now. Lower your skirt.”

Roberta quickly lowered her skirt, still breathing hard for the huge
climax. That had to be one of the
strongest she had ever experienced. Depoulos sat back in his desk.

“This makes for two times you drink my cum this week. You still need
one, remember”.
“Yes sir.”
“And by the way, it occurred to me that you might think punishment
cannot be worse than what you
already have. I don’t want you to make mistakes about it, so I will
tell you what your first level punishment
will be like. That is, the first time you miss your cum doses in a
week. Want to know about it?”
“Yes. sir”
“You will be leashed in the men’s restroom, near a w.c., properly
bound. For two weeks. For that
time, you will have nothing to drink or eat apart from what comes from
your role as a toilet slave. As a toilet
slave, you will drink piss from all the men that use the restroom, and
suck their shit from their assholes. Two
weeks. You will only drink piss and only eat shit. Roberta, I am
serious about it. Do you understand what I
“Yes sir”, she murmured, going blank as his words hit her.
“Miss my cum just one week and it’s fourteen days of toilet service.”
“Yes sir.”
Depulous nodded, then opened a drawer and fetched four big clips. “Now
whore, put two of these
onto your cunt, sealing your cuntlips.” He threw the clips on the
floor before her. She bent down to collect
them, as she whispered “yes sir”, and applied them as ordered. The
clips had strong spring. They were
painful. “The remaining clips on your nipples,” he ordered. Roberta
took them and applied them as ordered.
She writhed in pain, feeling the four painful grips on her womanly
features. “Now go bitch, don’t remove the
clips until I tell you to.”
“Yes sir”

Roberta stood and tried her best to wipe her tears off, as she walked
to the door. Having been fucked
in her ass for the first time, having fantasized about dogs for the
first time, having fantasized about her
daddy’s humiliation for the first time, having received her boss’ cum.
And that was just day two.


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