CIA fugitive (1997), p.1 – Travelling by train

I took my seat as the train slowly moved away. I was tired, but now felt
secure. They would never get me again. I was free.

Two passengers sat in my cabin, a young mother and her daughter, respectively
looking about 30 and about 12. They were fine people, well-dressed and polite
in their talking. Mommy wore a tweed jacket and matching skirt, a white
blouse, and her makeup had class. The child were dressed in pretty much the
same way, only her jacket and skirt were a decent blue. I wanted to keep my
head from worries about CIA trying to track me down, so I decided to join in
their conversation. It wasn’t hard, since the child was chatting all the time
about what life would have been in Canada, where we were going. I lived in
Canada many years and was glad to answer her questions.

I found out Mommy’s name was Dana, and child had name Sally. They were going
to Vancouver for a relative’s marriage. They asked about me, and I said I
travelled for work, the most obvious lie. They didn’t seem to mind that I was
wearing jeans and had no luggage!

As we chatted, I considered the woman. She was most attractive. She kept her
shapely legs together, and her skirt was just above her knees, so I glanced
once or twice at her calves, dressed in sexy dark stockings. Her jacket was
tensed by what looked like two gloriously ballooning tits. Too bad her blouse
was buttoned up to her throat. I thought of undoing that and very soon I felt
a hard-on.

As soon as the ticket collector passed our cabin, I decided to take the risk.
I close the cabin door pretending the noise was annoying me. Then, I turned to
Sally. “Freeze in your place,” I said. Dana laughed, as she thought it was a
funny way to say Sally had talked too much. Sally freezed. “Don’t say a word
and do not move,” I told Sally. “But you can watch.”

I turned to Dana, who still couldn’t understand what was happening. “Dana,” I
said, “freeze in your place.” Some mixed expression came to her face, then a
plain look of fear as she realized she couldn’t move! “You can’t move unless I
tell you to,” I said, “and you cannot scream or speak, just whisper.”

“What! what have you done?” she whispered, in horror. She tried to scream, but
couldn’t. “Oh, nothing, Mummy,” I said. “You are so lovely, I just want to
enjoy your ripe body a little. “I leaned forward and slowly opened her jacket,
placing my palms on her round boobs and pushing gently to savour their
softness. “No! please! no!” she was whispering, breath short. As I squeezed
her tits, I felt her heart was pounding.

“Open your legs,” I said gently, as I moved my hands to her sexy
dark-stockinged knees. “Please! no!” she mormoured, “not in front of Sally,
please!” Anyway, she opened her legs. “What! what ARE YOU?” she whispered
again, as my hands travelled along her thighs to her wow garters. “CIA’s Psi
experiment,” I said, sort of introducing myself, while I put my hand on her
crotch and started rubbing. I could feel her puffy cunt lips against my palm.
“Successful experiment, as you see,” I continued,” but I ran away. This is all
I can tell you. You won’t tell this to anyone. Nice warm pussy you have, Dana.

I was finger-fucking Mommy now. “Open your blouse, Dana,” I said. Dana blushed
deep red and found her hands now could move! more precisely, they had to. They
mechanically went to her chest and started undoing her buttons. I continued
fingering her slit. She pulled the blouse from her skirt to undo the lower
buttons, and finally opened it. “Pull out your tits from the braziere,” I
ordered. Mommy obeyed, looking shamely at her daughter who was watching all
this. She had glorious boobs, really big and absolutely sagless, tipped with
large pink nipples. Once pulled out, they completeley hid the bra underneath.

“I would most enjoy fucking your tight love box, Dana,” I said, “but I’m
really too tired. You’ll service me some other way. Kneel down.” Mommy began
crying in silence and slid off her seat and on the floor, right before me. I
unzipped my fly and managed to get my stiff prick free. It was pointing right
to her face.

“Do you want me! to suck it?” she mormoured, tears now streaming from her
eyes. “Take it slow, Dana,” I answered teasingly. “First, let me feel your

She straightened up her chest until her gorgeous melons were at level with my
cock. “I never fucked such a beautiful pair of tits, baby. Do that the
sweetest way you can,” I said. She sniffed and knowingly embedded my shaft
within her sexy globes, keeping them wrapped around my manhood with both
hands. Her cleavage was silky. I leaned back and closed my eyes as she started
rocking her chest to pleasure me. It was a real tease. I pulled her head
closer, and told her to lick my belly while she performed with her chest. I
opened up my eyes just once to look at Sally watching her mother do such a
sensual thing to a stranger in a train’s cabin. The head of my cock was
occasionally bumping against her chic necklace.

“That’s enough, Mommy,” I said, “now you can take me in your mouth. Give me
the best head you ever gave.”

She let my cock get free from her chest, then slid her face down along my
pubic area until her sexy full lips were around my glans. She sucked my cock
in slowly. I immediately felt my hard-on rage stronger, as if I was going to
explode. Her tongued gently teased my shaft from base to tip. As her clever
mouth serviced me, I leaned forward to reach her breast with my hands, and her
a little, pinching and twisting her large nipples.” This is a good blow job,
Mommy, “I said,” but you’re mostly teasing me. Now the real thing: deep-throat
my cock.

She looked at me pleadingly. “I! I never did this!” she whispered, “I don’t
know if I can!

“Sure you do, honey,” I answered. She sniffed again and slowly moved her head
closer to my crotch, my cock still inside her, until it bumped against her
throat. Then she closed her eyes, almost gagging, but managed to let it slowly
slide into her tight throat. I closed my eyes again, leaned back, and grabbed
her hair, beginning to fuck that inner tight hole in earnest. She let out a
weak moan. I went nearest to the edge of climax, then slowed down and finally
pushed her head from me.

Dana looked at me, again my cock was pointing theateningly to her abused face.
“Now you can jerk me off,” I ordered. Dana’s right hand reached up to my shaft
against her will and started stroking me. “You! Are you gonna come! on me?”
she asked in a pleading whisper. “That’s the idea, Mommy,” I coldy answered.
“Please don’t!” she mormoured again, as her hand worked me off slowly towards
release. “Don’t stain my hair! my dress! please! They’ll notice! please! I
won’t tell nobody!”

“Be sure you won’t,” I said. “Prepare your face, Dana, I’m cumming! CUMMING!

I had about a three-weeks load in my heavy balls, and all of it landed on my
lovely submitted Mommy. While all spurts were directed to her face, some cum
quickly riddled down her chin to her boobs. “Freeze,” I ordered. I slid my
cock out of her hand. I looked at her as she powerlessly felt my cum riddle
down on her boobs, until the first drops began to land on her skirt. I grabbed
her long dark hair and cleaned my cock with it. All the while, my massive cum
load was dripping down her crying face and round tits to her fashionable suit.
Being frezzed and unable to clean up, she was getting a mess.

I zipped my fly close and smiled at Dana. “One minute after I’m gone, Dana and
Sally, you will be free. I suggest Dana get herself together and clean up!
None of you will forget what happened today but you won’t be able to discuss
it with anyone.” I smiled. “Traveling with you has been quite a pleasure.”

I stood up, slightly opened the cabin door, checked if the corridor was free,
and left the happy family on their way to a marriage.


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