CIA fugitive (1997), p.2 – Sarah’s backoord

I climbed on the skyway train, reordering my ideas. My skill at
human minds had been steadily improving since I left the US. I now
lived under a false name nobody would ever doubt (despite I had no
documents), did not need a job to get money (nor even use money at
It really seemed I could have anyone believe in everything, feel
everything, do everything I wanted them too.

As my mind roamed around trying invain to define the boundaries of
the exciting world of my opportunities, my eyes fell on a tempting
teenager, probably on her way home from school. She had to be around
18, dressed in casual clothes – a short jeans skirt, white sporting
and a white blouse, and a school sack on her back. She had a sexy,
dark hair, a beautiful dark skin, and the most lovely face. Her thighs
full and muscular, her bottom round and generous, and she surely had
DD cups. My heart started beating fast as I considered I could do all
wanted to do with her.

I stepped across the train floor until I was right beside her. – Hi,
slut, – I
said. The girl turned her angry face to me, but before she could speak
sent a silent freeze command. I gave her time to realize she couldn’t
move nor speak, and watched in delight as her anger was replaced by an
expression of deep fear. I had her drop her sack, and raised my hand
and reach for her tits. She started as I began squeezing her young
looking right in her scared dark eyes. She couldn’t look away from me,
but she soon realized that, despite the skyway train was quite
crowded, no
one seemed to notice what was going on. – I’m sort of a hypnotist, – I
explained. – They can see and hear us, but no true awareness of what
we’re doing can emerge to the surface of their consciousness.

I squeezed her tits harder. – As for you, your body is a very sexy
under my complete control.

I started to undo the buttons of her blouse, and by the time it was
completely open she had plentily understood the situation and was
crying a steady stream of tears. I compelled her to tell me her name
age. – My name is Sarah Lewis, – she submissively said. – I’m 19.

– Huge udders for teenager, – I said with a grin, as I felt her big
through the fabric of her white bra. As I felt her, I had her hand a
document to me, which I put in my pocket. It was all I needed to be
sure I
could have been enjoying her young mammaries, cunt, mouth, and ass
whenever I felt like it.

– I was looking for a place to dump my cum into, Sarah, – I said, –
and the
choice fell on your young tight asshole. – I smiled at her expression
deep horror as she heard the news, and lustfully licked the tears from
cheek. As I was licking her face, my hand went under her skirt and
her panties, feeling the hot slit between her thighs. – I love
cunts, – I whispered in her ear, taking some time to finger-fuck her
my index.

Then, I went back to her breast, brutally tearing her bra off and
her full amazing globes of mammarian flesh. Of course,  I could have
strip for me, but then I was feeling like rape that day. – I guess
never been sodomized before, Sarah, – I teased her again, pinching and
twisting her large pink nipples. Sarah reacted sobbing in desperation.
would probably have given anything to be allowed to speak and pleade,
but that was not my idea. I slapped her tits hard twice, getting a
from her sexy lips. Then I commanded her to lean against the wall,
she did, her full ass jutting out for me, ready for use. I raised her
skirt to
her hips, and lowered her white panties to her knees.

I had her turn her face to me once more, just to have her see I was
unfastening my belt. – Just to warm you up a bit, good girl Sarah, – I
She moaned in fear as I raised my black leather belt preparing the
stroke. It landed with a loud WHAP! on her tender ass, drawing another
loud moan and more sobs on her part. It also left a lovely red mark on
her skin. I immediately had the belt land again on those soft globes,
adding another bruised line to form a clearly visible X. Her body was
writhing in pain for what possible in the frozen mode, and that sight
pain and humiliation in a sexy teenager was turning my cock into
I raised the belt again and inflicted two more strokes, this time on
bottom of her huge tits. – You’re just finally punished for being such
bigtitted cow, Sarah, – I said. The next stroke of my whip went
directly to her cunt. She cried out big tears.

– Now, be a good girl Sarah, – I said – your cow cunt deserves the
whip even more than your fat ass. Spread your legs as far apart as you
can. – Sarah’s body obeyed my command despite her unwillingness. I
stepped behind her and reached with my left hand to fondle that new,
fresh cunt some more before inflicting the deserved pain to it.

– You masturbate this fat cunt a lot, Sarah? How many times a week.

– Once a day, – she replied. I laughed, calling her a whore for that.

As I withdrew my hand she began to shake in anticipation and in a few
seconds a loud moan (loud considered her frozen mode) escaped her lips
as the leather bit her sex. I hit her there several times. I love
doing this to teenagers, call me sick. Then I had her spread her
asscheeks with one hand
(she still used the other to lean against the wall) and directed a
very hard
stroke on her anal rosebud. As she moaned, I hit her again in the same
place. – You might as well get used to some pain in your ass, dear,
for it
will hurt to be sodomized.

With that I undid my pants, letting my cock point freely in the air
towards its tempting round fleshy target. I approached her placing its
head against her tiny backdoor. I managed to get part of the head
then leaned over her trembling body and grabbed her melons as I shoved
inside little by little. She was giving out a steady moan of pain as
probe sank in the most private recess of her young body.

I had her place her head against the wall so that she could maintain
balance while having her hands free, and commanded her to use them to
spread herself wider. I was now leaning against the wall with my right
hand and squeezing her boobs with the left, and moving deeper and
deeper in her shit tunnel. Finally, all of my shaft was inside her,
impaling the powerless teenager.

Then, I stood still, commanding my mind-controlled slave to gently
her hips forwards and backwards servicing my dick with her tight ass.
I was in heaven. My hands were mauling her mature breasts, pinching
her boob flesh, pinching and twisting her nips, seizing them between
thumb and forefinger and painfully pulling them down stretching her
tits. And despite the cruel torment she was subject to, Sarah couldn’t
swing her luscious ass to masturbate my shaft with her rectum.

As I felt the climax approach, I seized her by her hips and began
harder and harder against the steady rocking of her bottom. I sank my
fingernails in her soft thighs and in the peak of pleasure I shot
three or
four massive loads in her bowels. Sarah let out a desperate moan,
totally degraded by having been fucked in her ass on a public train. I
withdrew my dick from her now gaping hole. The crying teenager could
soon feel my juice ooze from her abused anus through her crack. I
my penis against the silky skin of her asscheeks, then lazily inserted
softening head in her widely open cunt. Finally, I wiped it clean
her thighs.

What a skyway ride! Now satisfied, I had to take care of the situation
prepare her for some future meeting. I grabbed her hair and commanded
her to stand up. On my command, she raised her panties, lowered her
skirt, and buttoned her blouse, but left her ripped bra on the floor.
holding her hair, I waited for the next stop and pushed her out. We
walked in the skyway station unnoticed until we reached the women’s
toilette. Once in there, and I had her kneel down – merely for
coreography – as I had to insert some conditioning in her teenager
– It’s ben a lot of fun, Sarah, – I said. – I know your name and
address and
will surely pay you a visit someday. Meanwhile, you won’t be able to
anyone what happened, nor behave in any way which may give rise to
suspects about it.

I looked at her scared face, and caressed her hair before the best. –
just one thing more, dear, – I said.- You’ll go in a sexy shop as soon
as possible, buy a dildo, and fuck your ass for half an hour every
night before
sleeping. I want your tunnel to be more welcoming next time I meet

As my cock became erect again, I considered fucking her sexy mouth,
there was a world of things I had to do out there. – You will get out
of the
frozen mode fiteen minutes after I’m gone, – I simply added.

Thus having spoke, I left my second victim wheeping on the toilette
as I stepped out to the big city.


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