CIA fugitive (1997), p.3 – Two Friends Having Fun

I had been in Vancouver for about a week when I stepped into my friend
Roger. We had met in the army, we had always been good friends.
Having been alone since my escape from CIA’s mind control labs, I
enjoyed the perspective of spending some time with a friend. I told
the whole story and he seemed pretty excited at the idea of
in some wild action with Canadian girls. Just to be sure I was not
a mistake, I placed a small conditioning in his head to be sure he
never reveal anything about me (not even under torture).

We spent a whole afternoon to choose some female and finally
approached two girls in a fast food, a brunette and a redhead,
named Sally and Monica. Of course, they both had big breasts; Monica
actually immense. They were smartly dressed and had ripe bodies,
revealing hours and hours spent in the gym. The idea aroused me that
they had been training their bodies to control men with their beauty,
that now I was here to use them for free.

We initially started with presentations but I soon got tired of that
simply had them stand up and follow us to my car. As their bodies
walked behind us, drawn by a mysterious force, the girls began
in anguish and fear. They were right to be scared.

I drove to my apartment. Once we were inside, I turned to our slaves
explained I was controlling their minds and their bodies. – Have
doubt we will take full advantage of this, – I added, –
and you will go
through more pain and sexual humiliation than you can imagine.

The girls writhed in their invisible bondage – the frozen mode,

their eyes already wet with tears. – Stand on all fours, and
expose your
asses, – I commanded. As the girls immediately fell on their
knees, I
exchanged a glance with Roger and we both unfastened our belts. Sally
and Monica raised their skirt and lowered their panties, and were
sobbing, waiting for what was in store for them. As we took place
them, we were delighted by the sight of two perfect, young and sagless
bums. – Wow! – went Roger. – We’ve done a good
choice. Listen to me,
what about a real abduction? I mean, could we keep the sluts for a
or so?

I considered his point rotating my belt. I was behind Monica, the
titted one. – Yes, it can be done, – I finally said,
inflicting the first stroke
on her lovely arse, – but then we would probably need to kill
the bitches.
It would very hard to have them justify their absence. I can’t
take any

Monica and Sally writhed in fear at my words, while Roger smiled and
lashed Sally’s ass cruelly. – That wouldn’t be a problem. You
can have
them suicide, don’t you?

I hit Monica harder as I nodded. – If that’s what you want, my
friend, – I
said,  – we are decided. The sluts will be our toys for a week
and then
depart. – We both laughed, as our belts stroke those young flesh
over and over. A web of bruised line soon appeared on their white
Then, I had Monica spread her legs and then reached for her obscenely
offered pussy. She was shaking and was probably considering the idea
being killed very soon, and I find it arousing to finger-fuck the
bitch and
tease her clit as she considered her fate. I turned to Roger who was
pinching and lightly slapping Sally’s bruised bum and realized
that he
could not give orders to his slave. So I conditioned her to do
Roger asked. I turned to my friend and explained he now had full
on Sally.

– That sounds good, – he said, walking around his victim
until he was
right before her. He unzipped his fly and grabbed Sally’s hair
to turn her
head upwards. – Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue,
– he said. – I will piss in your throat and you will
swallow everything.

Sally moaned in disgust and desperation as Roger positioned his cock
over her offered tongue. – Drink the piss of the man who sealed
death, bitch. – I heard Sally gagging as a hot stream of urine
poured into
her mouth down to her throat. My cock was rock hard now, and I decided
to fuck my pet doggie-style as a first thing. As I kneeled behind her
invitingly open hole, I had her open her blouse. As I penetrated her
from the rear I had her pull her heavy tits from the bra. Monica
as she felt her hand been guided by my mind to her breast. As she was
taking me deep inside her love tunnel, her hand began pinching her
harder and harder until they were cruelly aching.

By then, Roger had run out of piss; Sally had swallowed it all as
instructed. – Rest your head on the floor, bitch, – he
ordered then. She
obeyed, offering her bum even more obscenely. It was a real tease
watching my sadistic friend have his way with the powerless girl as I
slowly pistoned Monica’s cunt to her depths. Roger moved back
Sally and ordered her to spread her lovely ass cheeks for him. Then I
him kneel behind her and place his big cock at her backdoor. The girl
crying steadily, her right cheek leaning on the floor, as he entered
her ass.

We went on pumping in the girls until we came, shooting sperm in their
cunt and ass respectively. We withdrew and took a panoramic glance at
the two slaves kneeling submissively on the floor. Monica was still
mauling her own boobs. The sight of this giant-bosomed girl torturing
herself caught the attention of both of us. Noticing Roger was
in Monica’s breast, I turned to him. – Maybe, Roger,
– I said, – we should
help Monica at punishing her monster boobs. – Roger nodded

– Turn around and stand on your knees, bitch, – I ordered
the girl. She
obeyed, assuming a kneeling position right before us. – Now,
join your
hands behind your head and thrust that mammarian flesh out for us.

Again she did. Her baloons jutting out were all we needed to get rock
hard again. – Now, see if we can devise some kind of tit torture
enough to fit your huge proportions, – I said. – Big tits,
big pain, – added
Roger grinning. Monica’s eyes were an abyss of fear.

I went to another room and returned with pliers and a box of needles.
Monica shivered and tried hard to scream, resulting only in a weak
moan. Probably she was also trying to shake her head no, but this was
impossible in the frozen mode. Very big tears began to run down her
cheeks. – Thrust your tits further out, – I ordered,
handing the pliers to
Roger and fetching a handful of needles from the box. We knelt beside
our trembling victim and caressed her face in mock sympathy as we
prepared to put her through hell. – Poor dear, – I said,
– the little cow is
gonna take more sufferin’ she can endure. – The situation
was far more
arousing than I ever dreamt possible.

I took her heavy left boob in my hand and weighted it calmly, staring
right in her fearful eyes. I seized her large dark nipple within my
pulled it, stretched it. Then I pierced it with the first needle,
transfixing it
from side to side. Her whole body began shaking more roughly than I
never seen in a frozen woman. I used the second needle on her right
While I was doing that, I realized that Sally was idle and had her
beside us. I decided she would be watching the whole scene – so
she knew
what to expect from her new masters.  Moreover, she took our cocks in
her hands and began masturbating both of us, alternatively using her
mouth on each of us.

Having pierced both of Monica’s nipples,  I began inserting more
in her tit flesh, all around the nipples. Her pitiful sighs continued
through all the process, being the only hearable sound except for
slurping on our cocks. When every boob had ben docorated with a flower
of needles, Roger used the pliers to seize Monica’s right
nipple. That was
the cruelest thing I had ever seen done to a woman, and he did it with
feral lust. He seemed to be so fond of that that I had Sally keep her
on him and blow him harder and harder as he squeezed Monica. He was
alternating between the two nipples, crushing them harder each turn.
While he tortured her tits, Roger leaned forward, grabbed Monica by
hair, and kissed her lustfully. Finally, his body stiffened as he shot
second load in Sally’s mouth. He released Monica’s nipples
and withdrew
to give me room for  my turn of action.

I was near the edge of consciousness. I stood up, my cock engorged,
brutally thrusted it into Monica’s inviting mouth, pushing my
shaft deep
inside and in her throat. Holding her head with both hands, I began
fucking her tight throat in earnest as I had Sally stand on her knees
behind me and lick my asshole with her tender tongue.

Roger watched in delight, although, for now, he was quite spent. He
couldn’t but admire my skill at controlling the sluts’
mind. Now, as she
was licking my ass, Sally was squeezing Monica nipples and
thrusting the needles deeper in her flesh; while one of Monica’s
was busy finger-fucking Sally and another finger-fucking herself. And
both the bitches were crying and sobbing steadily. This was a fuck!

Finally I dumped my cream in Monica’s hot throat. I pulled off
and hit
her in the face with my cock once or twice; then, both bitches were
to lick it clean. – What you think of what you saw? – I
asked Roger. He
was galvanized. – I think there’s a whole new country to
be explored
here, – he said. – I can hardly stop thinking about new
uses of these sluts,
new kinds of pain, new savage rapes they will have to endure.

– Yes, and that’s for their last living week, – I
said. – Roger, my friend,
there is an endless herd of cows out there, just waiting for us to
take them
and rape the shit out of them. There is no law for me on this planet,
for you too, as long as you are on my side.


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