CIA fugitive (2002), p.1 – Travelling by train

I took my seat as the train slowly moved away. I was tired, but now I
felt secure. They would never get me again. I was free.

Two passengers sat in my compartment, a young mother and her daughter,
respectively looking about 30 and about 13. They were well-to-do,
well-dressed and polite in their talking. Mommy wore a tweed jacket
and matching skirt, a white blouse, and her hairstyle makeup were
classy. The child was dressed in pretty much the same way, only her
jacket and skirt were a decent blue. I wanted to keep my head from
worrying about the CIA trying to track me down, so I decided to join
in their conversation. It wasn’t hard, since the child was chattering
about what life was in Canada, where we were directed. I had lived in
Canada many years and was glad to answer her questions.

I found out Mommy’s name was Dana Simmons, and the child was named
Sally. They were going to Vancouver for a relative’s marriage. They
asked about me, and I said I was travelling for work, the most obvious
lie. They didn’t seem to notice that I was wearing jeans and had no
luggage – not even a laptop.

As we chatted, I considered the woman. She was most attractive. She
kept her shapely legs together, and her skirt was just above her
knees, so I glanced once or twice at her calves, dressed in sexy dark
stockings. Her jacket was tensed by what looked like two gloriously
ballooning tits. Too bad her blouse was buttoned up to her throat. I
thought of undoing that and very soon I felt a hard-on.

As soon as the ticket collector had passed our compartment, I decided
to take the risk. I closed the door pretending the noise outside was
annoying. I shut the curtains, too, and then turned to Sally. – Freeze
in your place, – I said. Dana laughed, thinking it was just a funny
way to say Sally had talked too much. But it wasn’t. Sally sat there
in an unnatural stillness. – Don’t say a word and do not move, – I
said to Sally, – but watch what Mommy does.

Dana senses something was happening, and as I turned to her, I saw she
was about to say or ask something. But, I didn’t really care what she
had to say. – Dana, freeze in your place, – I hissed. Mixed emotions
shaped her expression, then a plain look of fear as she realized she
couldn’t move a finger! – You won’t move unless I tell you to, – I
said, – and you cannot scream or speak, just whisper.

She actually tried to scream, but couldn’t. – What… what have you
done to me? – she whispered in horror. – Uh, nothing, Mommy, – I said.
– You are so lovely, I just want to enjoy your ripe body a little.
It’s like a magic spell, you see, – I continued, as I leaned forward
and gently opened her jacket, looking into her frightened eyes, – I
simply control you. Just as much as I can freeze your body still, I
can force it to be my whore for a while, and that looks like a most
interesting opportunity to me now.

I pulled her jacket open, and placed my hands on her round boobs,
squeezing and pushing gently, savouring their firmness and softness. –
N… no please… – she whined, – please… I’ll give you my money…
whatever… I… I…

– Oh, yes, your money, – I grinned. – I don’t really need money, but I
will take them when I’m done, as a reward for making your cunt wet.

I squeezed her tits harder, feeling her heart pounding in terror. –
Open your sexy legs, Mommy, – I said gently, as I moved my hands to
her sexy dark-stockinged knees. – Please no… – she begged, as her
legs opened against her will. Tears appeared in her eyes. – Please not
in front of Sally… – I grinned again, as my hands travelled along
her thighs to her *wow* garters. – Stop whining, pleading and begging,
now, Dana, or I’ll have you eat Sally’s innocent pussy.

She was obviously trying to shake her head no, and actually stopped
whining. – Who… what ARE YOU? – she whispered again. I was feeling
her shapely, young thighs slowly. – CIA psi experiment, – I said, sort
of introducing myself, as my hand went to her crotch and started
rubbing it through her lacy panties. I pushed them aside and felt her
puffy cunt lips against my palm. – Successful experiment, as you see,
– I continued, – but I ran away. This is all I can tell you, and you
won’t tell this to anyone.

I focused my mind on her nipples, anus and clit and began stimulating
them at once. Dana looked surprised and even more frightened of my
powers, as I wasn’t touching any of those. I let this go on for a few
seconds then began inserting my middle finger into her hole, finding
it very wet and ready. – Such a nice warm cunt you have there, Mommy.
Spread your legs wider.

She obeyed, pushing her bottom a bit forward too. I pushed two fingers
inside her, burying them in her sex to knuckles. I looked at Sally,
who was staring at the scene with transfixed, horror-filled eyes.
Dana’s skirt was hiding my hand, but I think the teenager could guess
what I was touching. – Shall we let Sally watch what Mommy’s doing,
Dana? – I said, turning my eyes back to her. – No please… – she

I smiled and withdrew my fingers from her pussy, letting them slide in
between her thighs to her anus. I teased it with the tip of my middle
finger, pushing gently in, as my thumb still rubbed onto her slit. –
Mmmmh… your cunt is throbbing… – I said, pushing deeper into her
ass hole. – Mommy likes to take things in the rear like cheap whores
do, doesn’t she?

She was trembling. I had her anus relax and inserted all of my finger
in. – Answer me Dana, or I will have Sally join us. Do you like things
up your ass, Dana?

– Y… yes… – she whispered against her will, more tears appearing
in her eyes. I nodded. – Open your blouse, now, Dana, – I ordered.
Dana blushed a deep red as she realized her hands were moving to her
buttons. They mechanically reached her chest and began undoing her
buttons. I was still teasing her anus and slit with my fingers. She
pulled the blouse from her skirt to undo the lower buttons, and
finally opened it. – Pull your sexy big tits from your braziere, – I
ordered. Mommy obeyed, glancing at her daughter in shame. Her boobs
were glorious, really big and absolutely sagless, tipped with large
pink nipples. Once pulled out, they completely hid the bra underneath.

– I would like to fill your tight cunt with cock, Dana, – I said, –
but I am really too tired. You’ll service me some other way. Kneel
down. – Again, I understood that she wanted to shake her head no, but
her body moved to my orders – she slid off her seat and onto the
floor, right before me. I unzipped my fly and managed to get my stiff
prick free, as I considered what part of the gorgeous whore before me
I would use to masturbate. My prick was pointing right at her face.

– Do you… want me to suck… you? – she whispered in a low voice,
trying not to be heard by Sally. – Take it slow, Dana, – I answered,
teasingly. – First, rub mommy’s fat tits around it.

She straightened her upper body until her gorgeous melons were at
level with my cock. – I never fucked such a beautiful pair of
milkbags, Dana. Do that the sweetest way you can, or Sally’s going to
take it up her ass. Mmmmh… and pull your skirt up, let me have the
full picture of a sexy whore getting titfucked.

She sniffed and reached to her skirt, raising it to her waist. Her
wonderful lower part came into full view. Then she leaned forward and
gently embedded my shaft within her sexy globes, keeping them wrapped
around my manhood with both hands. Her cleavage was silky, warm, soft.
I leaned back and closed my eyes as she started rocking her chest to
pleasure me. It was like heaven. I pulled her head closer, and told
her to lick my belly while she massaged me with her chest. I looked at
Sally watching her mother do such an obscene thing to a stranger on a
train, and my cock throbbed harder. The swollen head was occasionally
bumping against her chic pearl string necklace and her pretty chin. I
reached for her pink nipples and lazily played with them, pulling,
twisting, pinching them. They were already hard for the previous
mind-controlled stimulation.

– That’s enough tits, Mommy, – I finally said. Dana stopped, looking
straight into my eyes like a submissive pet awaiting orders.

– Now you’ll have the privilege of sucking my cock. Give me the best
head you ever gave. She withdrew, letting my cock free from her chest,
then slid her face down along my pubic area until her sexy full lips
were around my glans. She sucked my cock in slowly. I immediately felt
my hard-on rage stronger, as if I was going to explode. Her tongued
gently teased my shaft from base to tip. As her clever mouth serviced
me, I leaned forward to reach her breast with my hands, pinching and
twisting her large nipples again, then slapping and squeezing her

– Mmmmh, – I moaned, – this is a good blow job, Mommy, but you’re not
behaving like the whore you are with your hubby. Now the real thing:
deep-throat my cock.

She looked at me pleadingly. – I never did this – she whispered, – I
don’t know if I can…

– Sure you can, honey, – I answered. – But, I think I told you not to
whine. You deserve a punishment for disobeying, don’t you?

She was confused; she opened her mouth to beg me, but realized that
was what she was about to punished for.

I slapped her face hard. – NO MORE whining bitch. I won’t punish you
too severely. I’ll only let Sally help you get in the mood. – I turned
to the frightened child. – Sally, kneel beside Mommy.

The little girl obeyed, kneeling beside her half-naked mom. – Spread
your legs, Dana, and let Sally touch your cunt while you take me as
deep as you should.

Dana cried big tears as her legs parted against her will. I directed
the child’s hands to her mommy’s crotch, and forced her to rub her wet
slit and tease her clit with her little innocent fingers.

– Do your duty now, Dana whore.

Dana sniffed again and slowly took my cock back in her mouth, letting
it slide deeper and deeper until it bumped against her throat. Then
she closed her eyes, almost gagging, but managed to let it slowly pass
through her tight throat. I closed my eyes again, leaned back, and
grabbed her hair, beginning to fuck that inner tight hole in earnest.
She let out a weak moan. I went nearest to the edge of climax, then
slowed down and finally pushed her head from me.

Dana looked at me, again my cock was pointing threateningly to her
abused face, as her child was still rubbing her pussy. – Now you can
jerk me off, – I ordered. Dana’s right hand reached up to my shaft
against her will and started stroking me. – Do you want me to cum on
your face or in Sally’s mouth, Dana? – – Mine… please cum on my face
– she managed to say, as her hand worked me off slowly towards
release. – I will stain your hair and dress, Dana, – I said, –
everyone will know you are a whore. Maybe it would be easier to let
the pretty
child here have a drink.

– My face… please my face – she murmured again.

– Good then, – I said, as I felt my climax approaching. My cock was
raging in her little, sexy hand, as she milked it for cum. I had about
a three-weeks load in my heavy balls, and as I began to shoot, all of
it landed on my lovely submitted Mommy. While most spurts were
directed to her face, some cum quickly riddled down her chin to her
boobs. I also made sure that a nice load hit her sexily combed hair.

When the last spurt had reached my target, I ordered her to freeze
again. I slid my cock out of her hand. I looked at her as she
powerlessly felt my cum riddle down on her boobs, until the first
drops began to land on her skirt. I grabbed her long dark hair and
cleaned my cock with it. All the while, my massive cum load was
dripping down her crying face and round tits to her fashionable suit.
Being frozen and unable to clean up, she was getting a mess.

I zipped my fly close and smiled at Dana. – Ok, Dana, now you can give
me all the money you have as a payment for what I gave you. All this
cum on your face and tits is worth a lot of money. Come on.

Dana reached for her purse. While she was fetching the money, I
noticed her lipstick and grinned. I took the money, put it in my
pocket, and instructed her to get the lipstick too.

– Sit back in your seats, both of you.

Dana and Sally obeyed. – Remove your panties and spread your legs,

Dana managed to remove her panties, let them down to her ankles, and
remove them. She then opened her wonderous legs. The perfect shape of
her stockinged thighs and her pretty young pussy was a real treat.

I grinned. – I am almost done with you Dana, but unfortunately, I
*love* to humiliate rich sexy bitches like you.

She looked at me in fear, obviously trying to understand what I had in
store. – Apply that sexy red lipstick to your cunt, – I said.

Dana’s hands opened the stick, and then she began applying the red
color on her labia. It was a great turn-on, and, had I been less
tired, I would have fucked her right there. Instead, I just watched as
her pussy lips were painted like obscene lips. I closed my eyes and
let my mind explore the surroundings of our compartment. I found six
men who were close enough. I sent orders to each of them.

– Several men will now step into this compartment and kiss those red
lips, Dana. They will french kiss your cunt. You won’t come, but will
be *extremely* stimulated by each of them. You put your hands behind
your neck and be still.

The first man appeared at the door. He entered, squatted before the
poor woman, spread her stockinged legs, and gave a long, slow, deep
kiss to her exposed cunt. I sat there just enjoying the show – the
look on her face as she felt a stranger’s tongue deep inside her
intimate hole. And the blushing of her face as her whole body trembled
with pleasure. The second man came in as soon as the first was done.
Another slow, deep kiss to Dana’s sexy cunt. Six of them. Each pushed
his tongue deep into her cunt, licked and sucked on her lips and clit,
and sent her close to a climax that I wouldn’t allow.

When the last man was done, I stood. – Ten minutes after I’m gone,
Dana and Sally, you will be free. None of you will forget what
happened today but you won’t be able to discuss it with anyone. – I
smiled. – Dana, you won’t clean your cunt lips until after the
marriage. Afterwards, you will put *more* lipstick on your cunt every
time the color is fading. This conditioning will be always with you.
It’s my magic spell.

– You will ruin my life… – she murmured, understanding I was

– Oh yes, true. Ok then. The spell will be broken the first time you
manage to get two strangers lick all the lipstick off your cunt.

I stood up, opened the compartment door, checked if the corridor was
free. – Travelling with you was a real fun, – I said, as I left the
happy family on their way to Vancouver.


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