CIA fugitive (2002), p.4 – Dinner with neighbors

This is something that happened to me a few months after I left
Vancouver. I had bought a large villa by the sea, and moved there to
take a rest. I felt I needed to stop using my powers for a while.

One day while I was jogging on the shoreline I met my closest
neighbour, Mr. Svenson. We chatted about the wheather and after a
while, for some reason, he became very friendly.
Before we parted, I was invited to have dinner with the Svenson family
the next day.

I got there at 7 pm. Mr. Svenson (“call me Todd”) showed me their
house and introduced me to his 13 years old son, Patrick, and their
golden retriever Robin. Then he led me to the kitchen, where his wife
Jane was preparing dinner. Mr. Svenson was a reasonably nice looking
guy, but still they were an unbalanced couple for what concerns looks
– Jane was a gorgeous brunette. Her beautiful hazel eyes sent shivers
down my spine when she gently held my hand to welcome me in their
house. As soon as she made excuses and returned to her cooking, I let

my eyes roam over the delightful body that paired her exquisite little
face. The simple dark grey dress she was wearing didn’t hide the sexy
curves of her hips and her large, shapely breasts.

Todd showed me more of the house and then we returned to the kitchen
to open a bottle of white wine. Patrick was with us now, and Jane was
still cooking. She was preparing beef, potatoes, and there was a large
pot of boiling water smoking. I approached her as Todd was busy with
the bottle, pretending I wanted to see what she was preparing.
Instead, I took a good look at her gorgeous babies. In my mind, I saw
her kneeling with those wonder melons sticking out and begging me to
whip them blue. Well, I had those powers. Why would I refrain

from using them? Morals have never been my cup of tea.

I got control of her mind and put my hand on her ass, massaging and
squeezing it slowly. God she was firm. My hand ran slowly up and down
her asscrack. I wasn’t sure that Todd and Patrick weren’t looking, nor
did I care. “I’m sure you hide a delicious, juicy cunt down there,
Jane,” I said, squeezing her buttocks harder. I was controlling Jane
so that she wasn’t aware of what I was doing and saying. I slid my
free hand under her skirt and began to rub her cunt, too, roughly,
careful to do that like I would have done with the cheapest whore. I
pushed the crotch of her panties aside and stuck two fingers in her
sloppy cunt. So warm and inviting.

I turned to look at the guys. Todd was still busy with that stupid
bottle, and the boy was following his father’s actions as if the
opening of a bottle was an overly interesting event. I was almost
pissed off to realize that they didn’t notice I was fingering the
pretty bitch. So I withdrew from her lovely bottom and decided to heat
the situation up a bit.

I waited till Tod was done. He poured some wine for me and him, and
handed my glass over. I took it and sipped the wine. Then I turned to
Jane, pointing at the pot of boiling water.
“So what is this for, Jane?”. At the very same time, I was entering
Todd’s and Patrick’s minds.

“We’re going to have some pasta, if it’s ok with you.”

“Pasta. Good.” I said. “Although, I had another idea about the pot.”

“Uh? That is?”

“I was thinking that your big tits would look great forced into the
pot and boiled like chicken meat.”

Jane looked at me as if she was seeing a martian. “Wh… what?”

I grinned and turned to Todd. “Perhaps you guys will help boil mommy’s
tits and dogfuck her cunt while she screams in pain?”

Todd and Patrick grinned in response, and stepped closer. Jane didn’t
have a clue as to what was going on. Istinctively, she turned towards
us, holding her wooden spoon as if it was a knife. Taking advantage of
the fact that she was looking at her husband and son, I firmly seized
her wrists and forced them behind her back. “Todd, give me some rope,”
I said. Jane was now kicking and yelling and trying to free her hands,
but I was stronger, and didn’t

even need my powers to counter her efforts. Todd managed to fetch rope
from somewhere, and I quickly bound Jane’s wrists behind her back,
finally letting go of them just to seize her silky black hair instead.

“Gag the bitch, now” I said to my partners in crime. “You can use her
panties, and duct tape.”

I was speaking to them merely for fun, of course. To give Jane the
feeling of being raped by her beloved ones. Actually, I was
controlling both guys directly. A well trained eyed could have
recognized the anguish in their face, behind the silly wicked grin I
was forcing on them. On the other hand, I had decided not to control
Jane at all.

Patrick came closer and raised his mommy’s skirt, while Todd was
fetching the tape. “Patrick! Patrick!!!!” she was crying loud. The boy
grinned his wicked grin and pulled her panties down. He handed them to
me, and I forced them in Jane’s mouth. One second later, Todd was
there with the duct tape and finished the work, sealing the bitches’
mouth for good.

The water was still boiling and the three of us forced Jane to turn
towards the pot. I had both Patrick and Todd help me hold her. Then, I
looked into her terrorized eyes (that were pointed at me, showing that
she istinctively knew I was somehow responsible for what was
happening) and smiled, as my hand reached to her chest to undo the
small buttons of her dress. “So Jane, I think the water is hot enough
now,” I said. She let out a muffled scream as she shook her head
violently, but I opened another button, then another one….

While I was doing that, I asked Todd if he would please raise her
skirt to let her ass and cunt be exposed for the fucking. Todd said
“of course,” and pulled her skirt to her waist. Patrick held it there.
The last button was soon undone and I opened her dress, seizing her
luscious bags one by one and pulling them off the bra.

I looked into her frightened eyes with my most sadistic grin as I
rubbed her soft, large nipples erect. While playing with them, I
whispered to the lovely housewife, “never worry, Jane, we’re not going
to ruin these wonderful milkbags. I just want you to feel some pain.
I’ll tell you what,” – pulling on them nipples – “I am controlling
Patrick and Todd’s minds. I can’t explain how I do it, but it’s like
that. So listen carefully, now. If you behave like a good girl, after
having some fun I’ll let you all be. Otherwise, somebody might get

hurt or even killed. Do you UNDERSTAND, fucking bitch?”

Jane was obviously in a state of complete shock, but managed to focus
her mind on my words and nod. I smiled. “Good.” I seized her left tit
and mashed it in my hands slowly. “Now I am going to fuck your cunt
and while I do, I will push this milkbag of yours in the boiling water
for a few seconds.” She shook her head no frantically, but kept
listening to me. “If you are a good girl you will obediently take the
pain I give you.”

Having said that, I moved behind her. “Patrick, kneel and lick mommy’s
cunt to prepare it for my cock,” I said. “And you, fucking bitch,
spread those legs.”

Jane was sobbing through her gag but spread her legs. Her knees were
shaking. Patrick knelt between them, facing me, and buried his face
between her shapely young thighs. Her sobs told me that the boy had
begun licking mommy. “Todd,” I said, “slap the bitches’ ass too.”

Todd grinned and began to slap Jane’s gorgeous buttocks really hard,
each loud SMACK! echoing in the kitchen. I undid my pants and took my
cock out. “Ok, Patrick, that’s enough,” I said. The boy nodded and
stood, giving room for me to use his mommy’s gaping sloppy hole. I
bent forward and pushed my shaft inside her slippery tight hole. That
felt so good… Todd was a lucky guy. I pushed it in to the hilt and
then bent closer to her torso, reaching around her to her right tit.
“Ok, mommy bitch,” I whispered in her ear, “let’s boil this obscene
udder first.”

I felt her quiver in my grip, her cunt deliciously squeezing my cock
as I pushed her forward, holding her tit, squeezing it hard at the
base to make it jutt out. She obviously understood my words because
she didn’t put up a real resistance. I forced her tit in the hot
water, and as soon as she began to cry through her gag, I began to
piston her cunt slowly. I pulled her backwards, and took her tortured
tit in my hand, squeezing it hard while my rigid cock took more of her
pussy. Then I got hold of the left tit and the same with it. More
moans, more delightful fucking of her tight, spasming young cunt.

Jane was crying big tears by now, and I push her backwards, impaling
her more firmly on my cock as a side effect. I took her aching,
reddened big melons and mauled them slowly.
“That’s enough for those babies, now, Todd, go fetch one of Robin’s
collars and the leash.”

Todd nodded and ran. While I waited for his return, I had Patrick
pinch his mommy’s nipples and suck them in his mouth. Jane kept her
eyes closed and was weeping, with a stranger’s cock buried deep in her
pussy. I was feeling her all over and slapping her ass and thighs
lazily as the kid sucked and licked. Todd soon returned with a classic
black leather collar with studs, and a leash.

“Put it on the cow’s neck, Todd.”

I rocked my hips, penetrating the young cunt, while Todd was complying
with my order. “Don’t feel humiliated, Jane,” I whispered to her ear,
“you are just a slut. The collar is perfect for sluts like you. Do you
agree, bitch?” The collar was tight, but not so tight to choke her.

I slapped her round ass hard, and she nodded in reply to my question,
crying steadily. Todd buckled the collar and attached the leash. “Well
done, my friend,” I said, finally withdrawing from her abused pussy.
“Now get on your knees like a good pet, Jane,” I ordered. The poor
sobbing girl fell to her knees obediently.

I pulled on the leash and led her towards the center of the room. I
had Todd move before her, and remove her gag. Jane breathed hard and
began to beg for mercy, but I silenced her. “We didn’t remove your gag
to hear what you dog have to say, Jane,” I said, slapping her ass
hard. “Remember what I told you. I don’t want to hear a single word
from you, or I will become very upset.”

Jane stopped her whining. I was very pleased with her behavior
insofar. “Now Jane,” I said,” do your wifely duty and lick Todd’s
shoes clean. Keep your legs spread so Patrick and I can see your
sloppy doggie cunt.”

Jane bent over, sniffing, and began to timidly lick the leather of her
husband’s shoes. I grinned and slapped Jane’s buttocks again. Then I
said to Patrick, “well boy, are you hard?”

I commanded his mind to tell the truth and the youngster muttered:

“What about going pee-pee in your mummy’s hot pussy, Patrick? I know
you would love it. Go ahead.”

Hearing this, Jane began to breathe harder, but knew better than upset
me with her begging. Patrick obediently undid his jeans and stepped
closer to mummy’s voluptous bottom, that was jutting in the air. The
boy was actually hard and he placed his tiny prick against her
entrance, pushing slowly inside. The penetration was accompanied by
Jane’s crying. Patrick pushed until all of his cock was inside her,
then released himself, beginning to piss in her cunt.

“Do you like this, Patrick? Tell me the truth.”

“Y… yes.”

I grinned. “Go ahead now Patrick, fuck mummy’s piss-filled cunt”.

Patrick nodded and began to piston Jane’s hole. I had Todd withdraw
from Jane’s licking, and I replaced him. “What about some good cock
sucking, now, bitch.” I reached for her wrists and freed her hands
from the rope. “Take my cock out.”

She reached for my pants, and undid them. She looked up at me as she
was doing, trying to beg me with her eyes if she wasn’t allowed to
speak. “God, Jane, you are so beautiful. You were so unlucky to meet
me, weren’t you.” I grinned as she took my cock out and gently wrapped
her sexy lips around it. “Keep looking at me,” I ordered. Looking down
at this beauty with a mouthfull of cock was a real tease. Jane began
servicing me – and she did that very well. Perhaps the continuous
stimuli of her teen son’s cock pushing into her cunt added

to this. Jane had never been with more than one man.

“Ok Patrick, you had enough of it,” I said, still looking into Jane’s
eyes. “Now, bring Robin over.” Jane’s eyes widened with terror. She
moaned. I grinned. “Well, Jane, now you are allowed to speak – but
only with my cock against your throat.”

I love when women have to speak with their mouth filled. Jane began to
babble, her words coming out muffled and hardly distinguishable.
“plllls…. nn doggg…. dnt do it….”

The child had pulled off and gone looking for the dog. “Oh yes, Jane,
sluts’ cunt are used by dogs. In fact, I could make sure you get
fucked by your dog whenever he feels horny, from now on. Do you want
me to do this?”

“Nnnn… nnnn plsss….”

“So be a good slut and take Robin’s cock lovingly.”

Patrick was now back, and Robin with him. I instructed the boy to
bring the dog over by Jane. “Is the dog hard, Patrick?” “No.” “Ok.
Jane, caress Robin’s cock till it’s hard enough for a slut’s cunt.
Don’t stop sucking.”

Jane looked at me, big tears now flowing down her cheeks. She extended
her hand and reached for the golden retriever’s penis. Her face
revealed her horror and disgust as her little hand wrapped around the
animal cock and began massaging it. Robin barked, but immediately
calmed down. He seemed to be enjoying that. Anyway, I had Patrick keep
the dog still. At the same time, I was holding Jane’s hair and fucking
her mouth deeper.

“Is Robin hard now, Jane?”


“Patrick, guide him to his target.”

Patrick said “yes,” and led Robin behind the kneeling whore. He helped
the dog mount Jane. Todd did help too. The dog immediately began
pumping, although he wasn’t correctly placed. “Help him in your cunt,
Jane,” I ordered. The poor girl tried to shake her head no, but was
too frightened to disobey. She reached between her legs to Robin’s
prick, and guided him to her opening. She let out a loud muffled
“nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooo….” when the prick finally slipped inside
her. More than satisfied, Robin began to pump frantically in his
mistress slippery hole.

I was getting close to climax and prepared for the grand finale. I had
Todd take his cock out too, and ordered both of them to squat at
Jane’s sides and masturbate rubbing their cocks on her hanging tits.
The two guys obeyed. I looked down at Jane and had to reiterate the
order to look at me. “One cock in your mouth, one in your cunt, two on
your tits. That must feel great to a bitch like you.”

Todd and Patrick were now holding Jane’s melons in their hands,
letting their cock slide in and out the space between their palm and
her milkbag. “When you are ready to cum, shoot mommy’s face. Robin
will take care of her cunt, and I will do her mouth.”

Robin was fucking at an incredible pace and it soon began shooting
inside Jane’s belly. She cried more tears as she felt dog spunk join
Patrick’s piss inside her. This idea sent me over the edge and I, too,
began spurting large doses of cum down her throat. I sent a
stimulation to the guys’ minds to help their timing, and they stood,
shooting all over Jane’s cheeks and hair, and even her nose.

I hadn’t been cumming in about two weeks, and gave her a huge load. My
sperm filled her mouth and some of it oozed from her lips, too, giving
Jane an amusing slutty look.
Unexpectedly, Patrick was the second best shooter. His young sperm
went all over mummy’s pretty face. Todd wasn’t too bad, and his sperm
did a good job of messing her hair up (plus a very pretty looking drop
right onto the tip of her nose). All in all, Jane was a delicious mess
of cum and tears.

I withdrew and cleaned my cock in her hair before pulling it back into
my pants. I took my glass and sipped some wine. Time to have dinner
now, but some reprogramming of my hosts was due.

“Now Jane, you go upstairs and have a shower, cleaning all your
orifices carefully. As soon as you are upstairs you will forget
everything about all this. Todd and Patrick will forget everything as
well. After the shower, you will shave your cunt, wear stockings and
heels, and come down to serve dinner. You will leave your collar on.
For the rest of the evening, none of you will find it strange that
Jane is half-nude, shaved, and collared. Jane will eat

with us, but with her legs spread, and you will all think that’s
perfectly normal. She will also obey any order, and this too will look
perfectly normal.”

I slapped her ass. “Hurry, bitch,” I said.

Jane quickly ran upstairs. I had Patrick and Todd prepare the table
and finish the cooking.

I sat on a comfortable chair and drinked my wine. Half an hour later,
Jane was back with her sexy stockings and smooth slit. We had a
wonderful dinner, with mommy sucking each of us in turns. For the
dessert, I had her lie on the table legs spread and Todd filled her
cunt with ice cream, and we helped ourselves, each time pushing our
spoons a bit deeper.

Finally, I cleaned her brains again and thanked them for the pleasing

“Of course, you will come to have dinner at my house too, one of these
days,” I said.

I left them completely un-programmed. That is, almost. I programmed
Jane to obey to every order if she spoke with me on the telephone. I
looked at Rabin before leaving, “good dog,” I said, “you’re going to
have lot of fun in the next few days, mommy will be so horny and
wanting you to use her holes.”


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